Para Smock - Good condition

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Bottleosmoke, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Going through my kit before I hand it all back in next week I have found my Para Smock.

    Size 180/112 and in good condition.

    It is not faded and has no rips, cuts or frays even on the cuffs.

    Only fault is right hand bottom pocket is missing outer press stud.

    Ive got it on ebay too but if anyone on here wants to make me an offer?
  2. I'll give you a packet of pork scratchings for it.
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  3. Swap you a hat for it?
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  4. There must a STAB in here that wants it!
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  5. 180/112 are you known as 10 bellies?
  6. I liked it spacious.
  7. Jesus fatso, does it double as a 2 man shelter?
  8. FFS Its not that ******* big. Anyway it was double ally to have them oversized.

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  9. Does it stop airsoft stinging so much?
  10. Or an airsofter.

    Come to think of it, that "comfort fit" smock would probably fit me...
  11. They're designed to be worn big and baggy. Anything less than a 190/112 is for weaklings and lovers of tailored combat jackets with socks as cuffs.
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  12. 5Alpha, I was 5' 5", 9stone 3lbs and I had socks for cuffs...
  13. Are you Lester Piggot?
  14. No.

    Sorry, I was 5' 5 and a quarter.

    My hands being properly shaped, held an SLR, and I didn't mumble like an unwanted ginger child in a sackful of bricks.
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