Para Selection Requirements.

I have been scanning the forum whilst my application has been going through and following the lovely pin-up training programme the army gave me to train myself up for selection/basic.

I know that in order to pass i have to beable to run the 1.5 in 9:18 at least but i havnt been able to find any figures on what u need to do upper body wise...

Just wondering if any one knew the exact number of chin ups, press ups or sit ups needed???

Also a mate of mine recently passed everyting but failed on the lower back strength because he wouldnt beable to carry the backpack without causing damage. Is the minimum known for this also.

Any feedback would be great. :? :?
Private Golden is also a wonderful source of information...........go to Arrse search fields.
Daveybaby said:
Chz guys, should have really looked harder but i suppose i was being a little bit lazy 8) :roll:
I dont think laziness is quality that para reg look for
Well Daveeybaby, ure not in YET. Para reg is a hard nut too crack but well worth it.

I know its difficult but once your in its worth it, im looking at a 6-7 months slog of hard trianing and shit. But then im in and thats all i care about...

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