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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Joyes, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Ok, you have proberly seen this topic about 10 times or so, but would you mind answering it another time for me please?

    Im going to join the army, I know for a fact that I want to join infantry, and im aiming for paras.

    I just want to know some requirements that apply for infantry and para's.
    and maybe some training advice, also any other relevant infomation that would help me joining the paras.

    Thank you
  2. Why do you not use the search function? You will find loads!!!
  3. Its all on the army jobs website Army Jobs
  4. Why do you people not simply go to a recruiting centre and ask? I wonder how many actualy join up.
    The Paras must have at least 6 Bns now, with the amount that come on here saying they are going to join!
  5. Must be either a lot of walter mitties or unfit fcukers as we're under strength as usual.
  6. Its probably harder than you can imagine too join the paras, ive wanted it for years, more than anything!
    Ive just attended one of those insight weekends which has made me understand just what it takes mentally and physically to withstand the beasting they so willingly hand out .
    Anyone thinking about it should try it out, its a bit like selection but a million times harder. you even get a go at the log race, even though its only a mile its still hell.
  7. Your system is quite differant from what the US Army does to be honest. We use a garaunteed contract for a person's first enlistment... the content of the contract is highly negotiable. For example, joining with a Ranger one means Infantry Basic/AIT followed by Airborne, RIP, then assignment to the 75th all in black & white as long as you meet the expectations and passed the courses. If any are failed, then you are assigned by the needs of the Army... which depends on where the break down occurs. Generally, kids who fail RIP are sent to one of the airborne outfits like the 82nd or 173rd without a black mark against them but if you bolo jump school (damned near impossible to do outside of being a jump refusal) the chances are your getting sent to the worst possible assignments the Army has at the moment.

    Oh... forgot to mention the whole point of my post... we give our guys a good train up before throwing them into the hell of RIP rather than taking raw material and "beasting" them as you folks say (we call that a smoking by the way...)
  8. There a number of official sites that you can get this information from
  9. Not being colourblind is one key requirement.

    "RED ON.... Higgins, come back here this instant"!
  10. para's undermanned? how bad ?i thought the para's where well manned , to the point of promotions being on a dead mans shoes basis. that being one of the main reasons why i chose rifles instead of para's .
  11. Typically a Regiments strength fluctuates up and down depending on any number of issues, frequency of tours, role, location, recruiting area, number of Battalions. In addition the general economic state of the country also plays a part e.g. it was actually quite difficult to get into Para Regt in the early 80's they could be very picky due in part to the recession the country was in and the reputation the Regt had obtained from the Falklands War, resulting in lots of applicants. But even then when I got to Battalion we were undermanned..... :?

    The only time when we were fully manned was in NI and we had to make up numbers from 2 Para and TA SAS. Same as we had to provide bodies for 2 Para's tours.
  12. and look what happened there!!!
  13. Apparently many of them are leaving and getting well paid jobs in private security firms. To be honest, who can blame them 5x your normal pay facing the same risks.
    It's interesting, a lot of the army's under-manning problems are not recruiting, but retention.
  14. Yes theres just too many people signing off these days after just a few years.
  15. Simon Barry's article in the Torygraph recently,pointed out the effect that Afghan battle causualties had on the strength of 3 Para.Added to that,the attraction of PMCs in Iraq and elsewhere,plus transfers to other Para units(eg RE,RLC etc) and it's no wonder that the strength of Para infanry units,is an issue.Are the Ghurkas still supplying a company for Para Reg?