Para Regt - Cold War role?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ches, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Maybe a daft question but what was the intended roll of the battalions during the cold war & their place on the BAOR ORBAT (if there was one)? Obviously they were taken out of BAOR at some point & placed onto the out of area ops list in the 80's but prior to that what was their role if the balloon went up on the continent.
  2. Security of Wegberg, JHQ and Zeebrugge, I think.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I may be wrong but I think in Third World War by General Sir John Hackett, ex Para at Arnhem and then recently retired as SACEUR or similar - I could Google it for you, but I'll leave that pleasure to you (so he ought to know what he was talking about), he places a Parachute battalion in Hameln to defend it from an assault river crossing. But it's so-o-o long since I read either volume.

    I believe there was a battalion in Mercer Bks Osnabruck about late 70s (certainly before I was posted there in 1982) but again, I could be wrong. So I find it hard to believe they were roled as anything but regular infantry.
  4. My mate who was in during the eighties always talks about some place called Fükinhatz when he's pissed if that's any help.
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  5. I know that 1 and 2 Para served in Berlin and 3 were at Osnabruck at various points.
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  6. Jack, yeah knew that too. I was just bimbling during the drive to work & was thinking of Market Garden & their WW2 role as leading edge jump into the fray ahead of the advance type stuff & thought, well we had no ******* chance of that sort of carry on if the Reds had come west so what would they have done. Put into the line as inf was my thought too....somewhat reminiscent of Fallschirmjagers back in the big one. Monte Cassino some on the plains south of Hamburg.
  7. Funny that, I heard that name when I was on the receiving end of the Brecon point from a cherry beret!
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  8. I think that 10 Para had a major role in the Orbat for BAOR should it have ever kicked off....The Duke may know more.
  9. From (addled) memory, one Bn was out of role in Germany (Osnabruck). The other 2 (plus 4 & 10) with guns and sappers were to be used for gap plugging in depth after 4 Div had died and 1, 2 & 3 Divs were, ahem, under pressure. I certainly remember FTXing with some fairly major airborne drops including the always entertaining drop of a Landrover with sacrificial pallet thingy otherwise known as how to fook a 'rover.
  10. What about 15 Para?
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  11. Humble apologies - I did say it was addled.
  12. Would it not be a bit of a waste to have a parachute trained brigade in a static defensive role ?

    Wasn't it an anti-armour force?
  13. EVERYTHING was anti-armour - they had rather a lot of it! Hard (defensive) shoulder, chanelling, killing ground, tac nuke, tea and medals. Pretty simple really.
  14. In the late 1980's the PARA Regt. Group, had the role of defending (rubblizing) Hildesheim and Hannover as hard shoulders for the battle of the North German plain.

    They did many recces and we had the dubious pleasure of their company in our mess! Also at Hildeshiem was the big hanger full of SAS and PARA Group kit that included the stay behind and deep OP stuff.

    I think PARA Regt. group was primarily TA PARA and the stay behind bods would have been TA SAS.
  15. They were to be kept busy robbing all the duty free booze from all NAAFI's in Northern Germany.