Para Regt casualties in Afghanistan...

Hi All,

I have heard from two different unrelated sources that 3 Para had 16 killed and 80 amputees from their last tour in Afghanistan...

Can anyone confirm or bosh this?

Who are you and why do you want to know?
Strongbow said:
Hi All,

I have heard from two different unrelated sources that 3 Para had 16 killed and 80 amputees from their last tour in Afghanistan...

Can anyone confirm or bosh this?

I can't confirm it.

Is bosh the same as quosh?

Well, thank you for the welcome. It is not a conspiracy and I am not a reporter.... Bosh is the same as Quosh. And no, this wouldn't enrich my life in the slighest. It would be sadly, very disapointing, and very upsetting.
If this a website for big time stabs or, suspicous conspiracy theorists, then I can't see me remaining a member for much longer. I hope I am mistaken.
You're mistaken but you asked a very probing question. OPSEC is a big issue here with the press sniffing round all the time.
I smell Journo guys!

This is a very strange question to be coming straight on here with, doesn't anyone else think so?
Let's not be paranoid or unfriendly Bagster. You could be deterring an experienced squaddie from posting.

Strongbow - take your time mate and get to know the place. Any chance you might tell us what your unit was/is and that might give us something in common with you?
I've just had an email from an upset ex-soldier who was trying to find out some information about his former Regiment. Not a particularly unreasonable thing to do I think.

I know that we do get journalists on here trawling for information and we should ensure that we don't compromise security. Having said that, it is hardly a state secret that 3 Para have had a very difficult tour that included a significant number of casualties. I don't know the exact number but I'm sure that any half competent journalist would just trawl MoD press releases if they wanted to find it. I accept that WIA are a different story as the MoD seems much more reluctant to hand that info out.

My suggested response to Strongbow would have been something along the lines of:

Nice Welcoming ARRSE member said:
Hi mate and welcome to the site,

We often get journalists trawling the site for this sort of info so I don't think anyone will give you exact figures. You are right though that the 3 Para have had an extremely difficult tour and, along with attached arms, they have taken fairly serious numbers of KIA.

If you have a look through some of the threads on here you'll find lots more details out.

Anyway hope you enjoy the site and join in the banter
Agreed... I had no idea the press stuck their oar in here. Admin just let ne know the score. I was in 1 Para for 10 years, leaving in 2000, when I PVR'd. My sources were an ex-1 Para , who was I bumped into in Leicester square, who's now a fireman, and a new work mate who's an ex-marine. Both within a couple of days.
I have no contacts in 3 Para, as all my mates are part of the new 1 Para 'Ranger' style battalion or have moved 'on'.
I was n't sure if they'd had that amount of casualties... God knows what we're there for anyway....
Have PM'd Strongbow.

- But for the sake of clarity have spoken to those in know - the figure quoted for killed is battlegroup. The battalion lost 4. I'm told this number did not include those lost in the Herc incident.
Never mind the info as such. This little thread has served a great purpose - we should all print out Bad COs contribution and paste it alongside our keyboards. The instant Jump Down His Throat response does nothing all all as everyone gets into flame suits and the - often - interesting debate gets drowned in invective.

Yeah - I know. I'm a monkey and deserve it!

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