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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lt_George, Dec 20, 2003.

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  1. Is Pathfinder selection only open to the officers and ORs from Para Reg, or are 7 Para and other airborne units eligible for the unit?
  2. Anyone is eligible for service with PF. The ruling was changed some years ago, so it is not exclusive to Airborne forces anymore.
  3. Thanks, DoorBundle. Glad I got that cleared up!
  4. There was a time it was only open to members of the Airborne Brigade or para qualified blokes. There were guys joining it from outside the Brigade when I was in (1983-90) from non-Airborne units, although at that time anyone from a line Regt had to do P-Coy, Brize and then re-badge, however the majority of applicants still came from within the Brigade either the Para battalions or support units (9 Sqn RE, 7 RHA, 216 Sig Sqn, 23 PFA or whatever they call themselves now).

    I've been told that anyone applying now from non-Airborne units don't do P-Coy first but they are awarded the maroon machine if they pass PF selection :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. Lt George you should be getting a pm from a mate of mine who is ex PF. He should square you away with all the relevant info.
  6. You can be any cap badge. As long as you have at least 2 years service under your belt before application. You attend PF selection if you succeed you then do p-coy then your jumps at brize. Once this is done you then get the beret but keep your parent unit cap badge. 4 years later if you haven't been selected to transfer to para regt its bye, bye Im afraid back to your original unit.
    This is gen inf, they used to be at Wattisham (My current units loc) and I was intrested in doing it myself so I went to see there headshed and thats what they told me.

    Hope that helps a little :?
  7. Just remember that when Eggbanjo was in he was jumping out of Horsa's and DC-3s :D
  8. 23 PFA now call themselves 'disbanded'.
  9. MDN..........tut tut

    Horsa's were gliders so men did not 'jump' from them they landed in them (unless it was being shot down).

    DC-3 was the civilian designation. The military referred to them as C-47's or Dakota's

    I can forgive the minor error ref. the DC-3 / C-47, but the Horsa Glider would have been piloted by members of the Glider Pilots Regiment, was this not the forerunner of the Army Air Corps.

    Should Flash could give you some lessons in Regimental history :lol:
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The Glider Pilots, (Air Landing, the same as the Brigade is now,) also wore the Pegasus on their battledress - so why was Peggy binned in favour of the puking budgie ? Oh, I remember, the Blairite ideal of slotting traditions
  11. DC-3 Dakatoa to UK troops, C-47 Skytrain to US troops C-47 dakota to the ignorant :D

    Stand corrected on the Horsa, should have said aircraft in operation when Egg was around were the DC-3 and the Horsa....... forgot you were a pedantic bastard :D

    Remember the Parachute Regiment fell under the watchful eye of the Army Air Corps for many years, until we raised our standards and got rid :D
  12. Is that why as you have no real soldiers left ,MOD , has decided to leave your apaches safe in the hangers? :lol:
  13. Are you envious of our shiney new sexy copters?

    Nevermind you can relax with your new shiney shovel and other sundry delights that Uncle Tony treats you to :D
  14. Might be if i ever see one flying :D .

  15. Whatever next ............a flying shovel :!: :lol: