Para Reg via Welbeck?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Knightwars4, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. When applying for Welbeck, which is a technical college, how do I apply for sponsorship or the such via the Paras?

    A lot of what I know doesn't mention Welbexians going infantry.
  2. Have you talked to your recruiter
  3. It conflicts with my school times. I only get to speak to him when he comes down to my ACF detachment.
  4. Welbeck is precisely that: a technical college. If you're interested in the Paras, apply to your own sixthform and for an Army Officer Sixthform Scholarship and then try to arrange sponsorship by them. At the end of the day you'll need to speak to your ACA (Army Careers Advisor)
  5. I think the Ninja speaks truth - you need to speak to an advisor who I think will tell you that Welbeck is purely for the technical stream.

    There are people that have escaped and joined the RA or Inf after Welbeck but they are the minority. Most will join RE, REME, R SIGNALS or RLC.

    Get the truth from the guy who knows. Ring him/her up.

  6. The recruiter was the one who told me to go the Welbeck route.

    I've never been on the page the above poster linked in their post.
  7. Should I go down to the recruiters on Monday? School can wait. I've got secure A*s anyway. My attendance is purely irrelevant. Though it does stand at 100%.
  8. Bloody hell!

    Go and see you school careers master on monday morning.

    He/She is paid to give advice to needy adolescents; we are not.

    The pubs have just closed and many of us are coping with skriking kids and beligerent wives.

    We need you and your problems; (do I complete my PhD in Astrophysics at Imperial or Cambridge? Do I join the Paras or the SAS?); like a hole in the head.

    In short, we have real problems, mortgages, car payments, school fees etc; you do not.
  9. If you did have all of the above to worry about then why do you waste your precious time on me or ARRSE then! Ahaha. :)
    It is thinly veiled you don't like me. Then go Foxtrot Oscar from my threads. Why don't you just block me? Or are you like a moth to a flame? Needing something worthwhile to do.

    We don't have a career master, so it's the ACIO for me.
  10. Young man

    Do you think that telling experienced officers and former officers to "FO" is helping your proposed career or not?

    90% of being a good officer is having "people" rather than technical skills.

    I suggest that you perform a self evaluation and assess if you have such skills.

    One such skill is to predispose people to help you but you have managed to get most people on this site "off side". This does not bode well for your future.

    Without adequate people skills I suggest that your future as a leader/manager in any organisation will not be bright.
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  11. From what I remember you can't join the infantry through Welbeck. Go to a normal sixth form and try to apply for the Sixth Form Scholarship. It's pretty hotly contended mind, hard to get but it is achievable. That will fund you through college and uni, and you won't be limited to certain corps once you finish uni (presuming you go).
  12. Hmm... no would be the answer to the first question of course.

    Don't worry yourself over the latter, how I behave on ARRSE does not reflect my behaviour elsewhere.
  13. Young man

    Your behavior on this site should be exemplary as you constantly provide sufficient biographic details to make yourself readily identifiable; in short, you have established a poor reputation even before joining. It took most of us, a few years service to manage that!
  14. Now it's been put that way, I must really be doing something that will hurt my case. If you can be bothered, can you please send via PM, some way of putting this little drama on the right track. I'm willing to go far to be the best or as near as much to becoming a quality officer.