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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Pegasus1940, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Good evening all,

    As it stands I'm due to leave the Army end of this month after nearly 9 years, however, I've had a change of heart about cutting my ties with the Army all together and have decided to join the Int Corp Reserves.

    For a few reasons, the main one being that I'm going to be working as a Penetration Tester in civvie street (Yes, the name gets me every time too), so to that end I'm wanting to go down the Cyber route.

    Has anyone got any advice or tips for going Int Corp Reserves?

    Cheers, Woody.
  2. From memory put on 5 stone and wear NHS glasses and have a hygiene problem.
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  3. Can't help but good luck, I always found the Reserve side of the Corps to be friendly, enthusiastic and professional. Be aware though, that both regular and reserve Int Corps attract some 'odd' folk.
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Some?
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  6. I resemble that remark! Actually I always considered me and my contemporaries to be fairly normal, but they do say "If you can't spot the wánker at the party - it's you".
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  7. Thinking about it, I’m sure if I’ve ever met anyone normal who has every served.
  8. Everyone here's a bit hacked off that you forestalled jokes about 'Penetration Tester'. You're going to have to be more diplomatic in future.
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  9. Forestalled? On Arrse?

    I'm off for popcorn, want any?
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  10. Buttery, pse. Here, have a glass of this Lidl special; it's spent time in a Sherry cask, apparently. Listen to this while sniffing the delicious fumes:
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  11. You MAY end up surprised at the depth of knowledge that they have - not knowing your level ?

    Done 'properly',you are probably on a superb salary increase,in your civvy life / future.

    Met a chap who had just completed one Company Test - found gap and also showed how to seal / fix / repair it - he was paid £80,000 for it - took him 8 days - you that good ? :smile:

    Utrinque Paratus !!
  12. Gosh, that's rather a handsome payday. Roughly 20 times the top range of the going rate, too. Pen testing is pretty commoditised nowadays and most outfits struggle to get more than three or four hundred a day out of it.
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  13. Yes, but in which other units can you wear your favourite cardigan and smoke a pipe?

    It's also very relaxed for the male soldiers.
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  14. Pen testing ( I'm told ) often leads to other things - as in the case above,and a jittery HQ finding it had been hacked - will move quickly.
    As for me,I am nowhere near being described as knowledgeable on Internet / Computers / and any other '-ologies' involved, your figuresw are correct for per diem,but the more you delve into that arcane world - figures are stunning.....
  15. I wouldn't presume to call your pal any sort of line-shooter, but 80 large for that does seem rather... generous. Certainly wouldn't be any of my customers, that's all I'm saying - and I'd claim a degree of insight into the market.