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Can any Para Reg blokes out there clarify this for me.

Im having a debate with a bloke from work, who is adamant that Paras who get the capbadge tattoo only ever get it on their right arm. I disagree with this and think it can be on any arm.

Ive seen one picture of a bloke with wings tattooed on his right arm and the capbadge on the left, but other than that any pictures I can find all show it tattooed on the right arm.!!


Ross Kemp, the actor, has his transfer, sorry tattoo, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right, so it must be ok to have it on either. Surely the BBC always gets these things right. There's you answer :)
Pte. Pete Golden, the famous ARRSE icon and cassanova had his on his manly chest :wink:


Either upper arm, chest, lower arms....just about anywhere really!

Better yet, Fallschirmjaeger across the back or the "Lost Tribe" totem pole!
I'd say 80% of blokes (who have the tattoo) have the capbadge on their right arm. The other 20% on the left arm, forearm or chest. The "Lost Tribe" totem pole is a cracking tattoo!
I know of a jock para who had a cannabis leaf tat done on his arm when he was pished!!
Fallschirmjager said:
I'd say 80% of blokes (who have the tattoo) have the capbadge on their right arm. The other 20% on the left arm, forearm or chest. The "Lost Tribe" totem pole is a cracking tattoo!

Never seen the "Lost Tribe" Totem Pole tattoo before. Fallschirmjager, I dont suppose you have a picture of it by any chance?

One of the Staff on my P Coy had AIRBORNE accross his shoulder blades in a kind of "Ye Olde English" style of writing - very smart!!
My best mate (ex-1 Para) had his wings done on his right arm, in the position the wings would be if wearing uniform.


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Slightly off topic but reference the late, great Mr Reed, he was interviewed on a moronic european-style programme called The Big E in the early nineties. said:
Mainly remembered for dismal interviewing [french] barber, asking dim-witted questions while cutting the locks of that bloke off The Shamen, but most "famously" (a very relative term in this semi-watched netherworld) Oliver Reed. Reed was in a very grim mood and so the interview did not exactly go swimmingly.

The questions were like: "So, er..I hear you were once in the British Army..?" "Yeah. Got a problem with that, frog?"

At the end the barber made the unwise choice of making fun of his interviewee by putting a silly hat on his "customer"'s head when he had finished cutting. Reed promptly leapt up out of his chair and beat the shit out of him.
I rermeber a Canadian guy a few years ago in 2 Para having the totem pole spanning his back looked fantastic!!
Does anyone know where I can see a picture of "The Lost Tribe" Totem Pole Tattoo? Id be interested to see what it looks like (yes I know it looks like a totem pole before someone makes a smart arrse comment.)


Basically, most of the blokes get them on the right shoulder, unless they already have another one there.

During the Army boxing finals in 1994 (which 1 Para won), one of the Kingos came out with a corker, "Fcuk me, do you's get issued them tats or what?" :lol:


Should have seen the 3 Para v 1 Para final last year. More ink than a big inky thing!

(We were robbed.... actually the better team won!).


I thought it was wings on the right buttock cheek..... or was that just 9 Sqn??!!


Private_Pike said:
No that's 3 Para mortars.
You obviously haven't been in a naked bar with the Squadron!
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