Para Reg T Shirt - "Paratroopers Wanted"

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by galza7808, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. One of the lads out there has got to help me on this!
    There's a Reg T shirt that was floating about 3 para in Afghan that was absolute genius (guns plt from what I can remember), I've got to find out where you can get it from. It's got the capbadge on the front and a job advertisment on the back, with the title "paratroopers wanted", then it goes on about what's required to become a member of the world's greatest regiment, bla bla bla, plently of emphasis on filling in hats and nicking their wives or something along those lines. It's by far the best reg t shirt I've seen but I can't find it anywhere! Any ideas?
  2. In 3 PARA probably
  3. Galza, were you in the vicinity at the time as an 'outside unit' and desire some on leave posing wear?
  4. Join up and earn one - muppet!
  5. galza7808 wrote
    Are you after the T-Shirt so you can

    A/pose in the student bar
    B/Wear it to your RCB
    C/Be a complete Tool the rest of your life
  6. I'm never one to take a risk therfore my dosh is on all three.
  7. Well, since I'm the one with the maroon lid I'd say I've already joined up, and since I'm the 1 who spent the summer in Helmand I'd say I've earned the right - wouldn't you, muppet? Or are you going to tell me coz I'm 'only' 4 para that I'm not entitled to wear my wings/reg lid/reg t shirt (although I'm perfectly entitled to spend the summer watching rpgs fly past my sangar)???
    If you know where I can buy the t shirt leave a post, if not then don't. Funnily enough, most of the students I spend my time with don't know where I've been over the summer, so no I won't be sporting my t shirt down the union. Might come as a bit of a shock, but not all stabs are walts.
  8. They are.
  9. True, not all STABS are walts, and you can always tell the ones that aren't - they DON'T come on here asking for where they can get gucci t-shirts cos they already have regular mates in who can get them or got them themselves in the first place - muppet!
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Bite any harder and you will dislocate your jaw!

    Why not try calling 3 para PRI? They ar ebound to have them for sale.
  11. So that's the definition of a walt then is it? Someone who doesn't know where to get the gucci t shirts from? Not being funny, but last time you were getting the rounds down did you stop to ask where your mucker got his boots from? There's not too many shops in Sangin... For fks sake, get a grip, it's only a t shirt - I'd take the stick if you were actually the same capbadge...
  13. Soz, I belong to a regt who's officers don't have sex changes - he's 4 Para too! It's not you is it? Mincing Muppet Mong!
  14. pri dont have em for sale either, only saw 1 bloke wearing it in the whole bn, HENCE THE POST...
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Try it - it is very liberating! :D