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Well basically for the past 4-6 months i have been seriously considering joining the army, particularly the Parachute Regiment. I am however only 15 (almost 16), and i understand the recruitment age is 17. I want to become very fit now, because good preparation can mean the difference between fail and pass.

My great uncles kind of inspired me to join the army (one was in the Navy, and the other was an army man, through and through), but i heard selection for the Parachute Regiment is extremely tough, and i was kind of hoping someone would shed some light on the selection (no. of press ups, sit-ups, running etc.)

Heres my current attempts
Press-ups; 65 in 2 minutes
Sit-ups; 80-90 (lost count near the 83 mark) in 2 mins
1.5 mile run; 9.04s

My strength isn't too great considering i am 5"9, 145lbs, but i can only do about 6 pull-ups in one go, then i need a about a min break and can do about another 5 or 6.

Can anybody give me anymore tips for increasing stamina and strength, i feel i need alot of training in both strength and stamina, i also have looked at the Fartlek method; but how useful is it?

Comments would be appreciated.


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Comments would be appreciated.

Try looking at the Parachute Regiment website as it has all the information you need.

and here it says


If you have any questions about the Parachute Regiment then speak to a Paratrooper by phoning

01206 782343

or E-mail us:
Thanks alot mate, the second link (training programme) is especially what i was looking for!

Can't believe i didn't see it. Only one i seen was a training program for the Navy Seals.