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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by francis666, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Alright chaps

    Just wondering how many sit ups/push ups do you have to complete at the PRAC.

  2. For the love of feck, you fail already for being a lazy git of a scrote. Use the search.
  3. I thought it was supposed to be 50 or 70 but most people could only do 30 or 40 (everyone failed anyway). To be honest, I get the feeling the ONLY thing they are really marking you on is your run time and steeplechase.
  4. Couldnt tell you off the top off my head mate but 60 of each in the alotted time should be enough.
  5. Your not going for a commission are you?
    It's alright talking to the other YO's like that, but not to your men!
  6. ok cheers boys-panda, treacle...i have searched but there is nothing on exact details on how many they actually want. so boys, as long as you bash out around 60, its ok?
  7. Go and find the feck out then, like every other silly bastard has had to do in life before the advent of the porn/information receptacle that is the internet. If you're not up to chufty, how the feck is knowing you're in the shite going to change that fact?

    P.S you obviously didn't try hard enough, the information is out there. There is not a definitive "exact" either, just a rough minimum assuming you visibly put the effort in.
  8. Grizzlypanda any reason why your giving him a large amount of shite for asking a question? yes he probably could find from other means but if you have to ask for military related advice is this not the best place?
  9. babycakes, i am trying to find it "the feck out", pretty much what forums are for right? your pretty angry and negative buddy-hope thats just a internet problem youve got going on
  10. Asking a question is clearly not the problem. Getting swathes of people coming on not only asking the same questions, but also showing such a bloody dire mentality, is the issue.
  11. cheers for your help lads...will aim for 60 sit ups-push ups not a problem
  12. Point made again - "I'll just aim for 60". Why the feck aim for 60? How about 70? 80? More even? You were informed that was a rough minimum.
  13. Just imagine what Grizzly would consider is enough in 2 mins, and then add 10 more for good measure :D
  14. 50 and 55.

    Problem solved.

    The push-ups and sit-ups are part of the PFT so they do count. One lad on mine did sh*t on them both and was failed, though I think his run time was also out. Most people on mine smashed out a good number of each, I did 75 and 90. Just go until defeat.
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