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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MR2D2, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. Are the paras likely to do a Afghan tour again? I vaguely remember reading ages ago they won't be doing any more tours in Afghan. Is there anywhere else the paras might be deployed in the near future?

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  2. Just tell us the times and dates of the next war and I'll draw you up a timetable of when they'll be tipping up.
  3. Canada, kenya.
  4. When you find out, please let Wiliam Hague know, cheers.
  5. Wow didn't see that one coming /sarcasm

    I meant any that people know about or that are likely. I friend told me they are going to Africa.

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  6. Future intentions on an open source internet site - nice one Einstein!

    If you have any credibility or any wish to have a service career and conform to what will be expected of you, you wont gob off....
  7. Rearrange these two words into a well know phrase or ****!

  8. Your 'friend' is absolutely right, though it might not be what your hoping for, look forward to back to back tours of Kenya.
  9. Really, you didn't see a sarcastic comment. You have read arrse haven't you?

    As for africa, are you sure "your friend" wasn't showing you his map on his trousers?

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  10. You stop asking bone shite and I'll stop being a sarcastic ****! :)
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  11. Thank **** I'm out!
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  12. War dodging **** like you would only PVR at the first whiff of cordite anyways!
  13. What's cordite ?
  14. The Paras have been disbanded.

    Therefore you won't need to bother asking questions about the Paras again. EVER.
  15. Armoured and light role? :)