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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Peg00, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Right then, On doctors orders I have been told that I need a project or hobby to concentrate on, therefore perhaps foolishly in order to keep my days busy and mind active I have opted to try, try being the key word to make my own little haven the way of a forum for those that had nailed the maroon machine.
    if I am honest I feel slightly guilty about “advertising“ it here as I do not want to look as if I am soliciting members , as it is a very new site and is not yet fully completed with no members it will not succeed. I need some of you good eggs out there to help me. if you are interested
    the address is
  2. Also seeking someone to assist with moderating.
  3. You couldn't have posted in a worse place. This is mostly an anti Para Regt forum.

    Full of armchair warriors, civvies and wannabes.

    Oh, and a few serving soldiers.
  4. I wouldn't say that's entirely true,infact I would say this site is very pro Para Regt. Just look at the walt thread (where ever it is),it's full of non Para types leaping to defend the honour of your regiment.
    To be brutally honest,it's emmbarrasing how many on this site hero worship the Paras.

    Oh,and it IS still full of armchair warriors,civvies and wannabes.
  5. I can see that gaining any bods from here to come over and help out is looking fairly slim.