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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Maxmw123, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys I know I'm only 14 but I've got a few questions about the paras. If they want you as an officer after that weekend where they see you they sponsor you to go to sandhurst don't they? If u fail sandhurst can u then try get into the paras as a normal squaddie or will they reject you because you failed sandhurst... Cheers guys
  2. Grammar already well on the way...

    Are you talking about Scholarships? There's a scholarship board which you sit when you're about 16, but that's not sponsored by a particular regiment, just 'the army'. You get sponsored by a regiment to go to Sandhurst but you actually choose/are chosen partway through the course and you often end up in one that didn't sponsor you originally. Not being officer material doesn't mean you're not soldier material; the two are different jobs and need different skills although many of the things which could cause you to do badly at Sandhurst will cause you to fail as a soldier. As someone said already, however, if you fail at the P Company stage you wouldn't normally try again as a soldier since that would mean resigning and doing the whole process from the start; you'd go to another regiment and try to transfer in later on.
  3. Ok cheers. That sucks though... I really wanna be in the paras but I don't think thy would take me coz my leadership skill aren't amazing.... So I don't know what to do...
  4. Well considering you're only 14 I'd say you have a good 4 years to develop leadership skills. Are you more interested in becoming a paratrooper or in becoming an officer? Ie. which one is more important to you?
  5. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Dude, your 14 for **** sake. How do you know your leadership skills aren't all that?! I'd just leave it on a backburner for now and just concentrate on school. When you are 17/18 then I'd start worrying about it.
  6. i think you will find by the time you are old enough to apply , either :

    the chineese will have taken over
    the government will scrap the army to fund there private homes
    the only employers in the country will be the 4 major supermarkets

    your 14 mate , start worrying about puberty and fingering girls and worry about sandhurst when it comes up :)
  7. Don't you already have a thread asking the questions?
  8. Yeah guess your all right. I'm not so sure about squaddie what is the pay like coz I don't really have a clue...
  9. Why not join cadets or a local team and try to acquire some skills? As said above, your only 14.. a while to go yet!!
  10. Mate when I became interested in joining up (2 years ago when I was your age) I looked on the army website, and when I was 15 I even got a nice information pack from them. That'll tell you a lot of what you probably need/would like to know, including how much they get paid. Although if the pay is that important to you, are you sure you want to join?
  11. Well I'm not really that interested in pay coz all i wanna do in life is to join the paras I'm so determined... It's all I want to do.
  12. I'd keep thinking about it if I were you, I know I still am haha. What makes you so set on joining the paras? The beret, or what they actually do as a regiment?
  13. It's what they do and all and I'd love to be part of that it's my life ambition I know it's hard to get in but I'm so determined!
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You can apply for an information pack when you're 15 via the Army recruiting website.

    I'm afraid life is too short to allow boys to use this forum to send each other mash-notes about why they want to join the Parachute Regiment, so thread closed.
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