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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by titsinatophat, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this sounds like a bone question but was wondering, I'm not Para reg myself, but if you have your wings do you carry the same weight as the other candidates on the AAPTI course or do you have extra weight on the TABs for instance.
  2. About 2.5 gramms I believe. :roll:

    Wings on such a course should mean extra press ups and automatic 'volunteer' for all varous demonstrations.
  3. Extra 5Kgs for BCFT and ACFT
  4. Is the ACFT similar to the 2 miler on P company?
  5. ACFT 1 = .5mile squadded warm up, followed by 1.5mile best effort in rig.
    ACFT is done over 2 days in hilly terrain with varying weight and distances for both days (around 8 mile a day)
  6. Just out of curiosity is that the same as the Fit For Role?
  7. As dictated at Comd level (CO), can pick which test ot conduct.
  8. Ok cheers for that guys, hopefully it won't be as tough as P company though!
  9. Sorry too burst your bubble but just cause you have passed P Coy, done the course and passed the AAPTI course this does not qualify you too be a "para pti".
  10. Sandy, not a wah at all...

    What is the difference between a Para PTI and a 'normal PTI'
  11. that's easy - moodybitch would shag one and not the other :D
  12. Ouch!
  13. How do you become a PTI?
  14. Buy a sunbed, get a sponsourship from Brylcream then stand around in the tightest T Shirt/vest you can find and look smug