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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Stetra, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Alright Guys,

    Im considering applying to join the para's and I was wondering if anyone has a good idea of what sort of benchmarks you should have before even making an initial application, what sort of time you should be able to do 1.5m in, how many push-ups/sit-ups in 2 mins, heaves and any other useful targets I should be aiming to meet. Also any other information would be appriciated.

  2. If you're reasonably fit then get your app in now; it takes time to process. You can work on your phys in the mean time. By ADSC you want to be running in 9.18, doing 50 sit-ups and press-ups in two minutes and as many heaves as possible.
  3. all i no is the run time is different for how much weight you can lift no one of them is 9.40 but check the stickys above do a search sure this has been said thousand times before hope it helps !
  4. I'm not a regular soldier yet, but i'd just recommend you get on the Para Insight Course.

    That'll give you an idea of how fit you need to be.

    At my Insight Course I done the following

    10:06 Mile and Half - FAIL
    56 Press Ups - Was OK
    63 Sit ups - Was OK
    15 Heave - Was OK

    Someone on my course managed

    8:15 Mile and Half
    77 Press ups
    83 Sit Ups
    18 Heaves.

    Mind you the git weighed 3 stone less than me
  5. Cheers for the replys guys,

    When you say 56 press ups and 63 sit ups, do they have to be consistant without stopping during the 2 mins. During press ups can you stop aslong as your in a full press up position for example or can you kneel and continue when ready. Right now I can only do around 30 in a row before I need to stop for a few seconds. I do the 1.5m in around 10:20 but I have'nt pushed myself, thats my normal pace. Going to give it a bash in the morning for time trial.

    Theres a AT challenge week starting around 19th of june that im thinking of going to, am going to phone up this afternoon and get some more info then.

    I checked out the Para Insight Course, on another website where someone had kept a diary of the events, it looked pretty interesting, Im hoping the TA challenge week will be similar, its not far away date wise and I think im ready for that, it looks like a useful build up and introduction for what im in for.

    Anyone been to one of those events before?
  6. I done the Insight Course about 4 year ago, i ran the 1.5 mile in 11.45. I was a tubby little bugger, i could of rolled around faster. The Insight course is good in a way. Before i done that i wasnt sure if i wanted to join the army, then after i completed it, all i wanted was to join was Para Regt. When are you thinking about applying?

    Your fitness doesnt seem to bad to get the application rolling, and just train while its getting sorted out mate.
  7. Stetra, yes you can stop. Just stay in the exercise position. I think we were allowed to loosen our arms if we wanted to by shaking them and what ever else you wanted to do. - Like I say though, I can only speak from the Para Insight Course experience. Not sure whether this is the case at actual selection.

    If I was you mate, I'd just get straight onto the Insight Course mate. First thing my recruitment officer told me to do as soon as I mentioned the Paras.

    Anyway, Good luck with it all.
  8. I would like to apply as soon as possible although, Im a little hesitant because I don't want to jump the gun and end up on a PPS with P Coy before my fitness justifys it and possibly compromises my chances of making it as a para.

    Through this thread im trying to figure out when the best time to apply to the army is. By best time I mean fitness and time wise because I would like to get through the process in the quickest possible time and I don't want to get caught in limbo because of my fitness or other factors.
  9. Only you would know, personally what possible sort of answer are you trying to find here. You know yourself better than anyone else.
  10. If you put some hard graft in you could easily apply now and be fine for ADSC and when you start :) all the lads im intouch with starting with me soon have worked hard and its paid dividends so i suggest the same and get the ball rolling time like the present! aim for sub 9.18 over 1.5miler 60 pressups or more and same for situps and 10 or more pullups! then you cant go wrong...but could do alot better ofc :)
  12. hey mate if you can run around a 9.40 -> 10.15 (PB) around your selection time, with adrelilne and the determination to suceed, you should run it quick enough. just remember catch the person infront, but dont let the person behind you catch you up.

    My pb before selection 10.30.
    adsc 8.58
  13. I understand they Potential Para's now have to do a PRAC up at Catterick for 3 days, after ADSC. On my ADSC the PTI was very VERY picky about the times for the Parachute Regiment, it was under 9.18 or nothing. SO make sure you are fit enough for that, remember you will have plenty of time from walking into the AFCO to going to ADSC, so factor that in.

    That being said a friend passed for the para's with a 10 minute run time (he was big built though), successfully did P Coy and is now in 1 PARA. So that proves that those 20 odd weeks will get you fit enough for P Coy. Its all about how much you want it mate.
  14. From what I have been reading the insight course you have to do 3.5 mile warm up and then a 1.5 mile personal best e.g. which im assuming has to be within their normal 1.5 bracket e.g. 9.18 to 9.40(also im quite sure that those who run it in 9.40 have to get a really high score on the static lift because lets be honest if you can't say the extra rig is strength based then their going to ask why the feck not.

    Get the application done soon as, because to be blunt you seem as if your having second thoughts and by handing it in you will force yourself to train, but if it were me I would make sure im AT LEAST running 5 miles comftably and doing 60 press-ups and 60 sit-ups, id be trying for 6 pull ups but give 110% and if you want it it's their for the taking. Just remember mate it's just as much mental as physical so you need to make sure its what you want and you have 100% belief in yourself.
  15. What's the rough time period between walking into the AFCO and getting the ball rolling to ADSC? I know it differs but is about 2-3 months in the correct range lads?