Para pounces upon girlfriend's attacker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. What a scruffy bastard that PARA officer is.
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  2. The sentence is a bit strong... and why hasn't the Para been done for assault or something?
  3. Shut up you dead cat's penis.
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  4. While the brave Para captain held the geeky pervy cunt down, his missus should have repeatedly kicked him in the spuds, really fucking hard and untill she could barely stand, quietly whispering after each kick "just have sex with me, that's all you need to do."

    That'd learn him......
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  5. Well done Capt Thwaite.

    Yet again though, appears sex offender is on bail for being a sex offender when he sex offends again?

    If there isn't enough 'remand' places the answer is simple, build more fucking prisons!
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  6. Thats one I,ve not heard before
  7. It was not assault, the para was just demonstrating milling to him.
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  8. I see the Captain's in Andy Capp's army then !. Infringment of dress regs I think Sir.
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  9. wtf is he doing allowing himself to appear in Take a feckin' Break and the Daily Mail? Why not just pitch up on Jeremy Kyle for the Royal Flush.

    He might also consider avoiding sartorial advice from the worst dressed crow in his Coy.
  10. Good effort, but for fucks sake, someone show him how to shape a beret. I thought Para's were proud of it.
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  11. You surprise me.
  12. You get 8 out of 10, mainly for originality.

    Well done, you.