Para poser

What's your gripe, new boy?
The walt for all seasons thread in the NAAFI bar is probably the best place to post this. :p
I have no suspicion that you are MadTom AT ALL.
Just noticed something - looks like Goldenwalt is wearing blusher in that pic...
I rooted out a poser and I have his email addy.Since you Irish bitches have nothing better to do than run your sucks,I figured that you could send this clown an email.
I'm impressed that someone that pissed can type...
oh_dark_30 said:
Bravo bravo,

I'm impressed that a backwards,Welch bitch like you can read.
Take it your Scottish, only nation you havent slagged off madTom
Anyway tell me about this para who is posing, i served with 49 for a few years, i probably served alongside you.
I think its either one of fallys mates, or youve not paid your bar bill JD
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