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Discussion in 'Officers' started by PO18, Jun 1, 2004.

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  1. Cue: Barrage of insults.

    In July I will be attending the afore-mentioned course, and I am basically seeking any advice available.

    I'm fit, so that aspect worries me less (though getting sub-8:00 on the BFT should still be 'interesting') - What I am more concerned about is the interviews, and my knowledge of Airborne warfare. I have a decent understanding of the history, but it is surprisingly difficult to find info. on recent deployments/developments. What lies ahead for Para Reg. and 16 AAB?

    I have used sources such as Pegasus Journal, The Regimental website and but hearing the Gen from someone 'in the know' is far more helpful.

    If anyone has tips/advice for me for the course in general (apart from 'Don't go') then I would be very grateful to hear it.

  2. You won't be expected to be Clausewitz, just reasonably well informed on military issues and current affairs, and able to express your opinions clearly and logically. Don't get bogged down in military minutiae now, that will come later in life.
  3. Fair one -

    I think I have a complex that I'll be asked a question I don't know the answer to. I suppose it's the pedant in me.

    Thanks for the advice: I shall take heed.

  4. I recall some 'Airborne warfare' in Salisbury, Bulford and Aldershot :wink:

    I think the Torygraph or Times published proposed future deployments of Para Regt several months ago when the first rumblings of additional troops being sent to Iraq were being tabled.

    Check their website or the thread raised on here about the subject.
  5. Cheers; I'll have a Butcher's.

    Not entirely sure what the 'Airborne Warfare' comment is about...?

  6. Don't worry mate, if you get in you will find out soon enough. :lol:
  7. That would'nt be the POC 13-16 July would it? If so I'll see you there, well from what you say I'd not be too worried as you seem to have investigated all the availible resources so no trouble there. Sub 8 on the 1.5er the joining intructions note sub 9:30 anything under 9 for a good candidate. Now you've got me worried.
  8. The very same jlitt. A week to go now.

    Granted: it does say that a 'good candidate' will get sub 9:00. But be fair - sub 9:00 is pretty easy to acheive and I'm guessing most of the guys will be below 9 minutes. If they only take 3 out of about 40-50 then you need to be shit-hot on everything.

    Do you know if I'll be relatively young going on the course, considering I'm 18?

    The three hour 'Final Fitness Event' on Day Four should be good fun.

  9. edit.
  10. I'm a bit older at 23, but Mike B whom I think you know is about your age. ( think about the ages at your POI and that will give you a fair idea). I'm sloow at a personal best of 9:16 for the run but hoping strengh will offset it. Wont see you next week after all I'm in hospita; never mind reeboked for Oct but best of luck though.
  11. A nice log run so I'm told.
  12. Yes; I've been talking to him - he's the same age as me.

    I hope it's nothing serious. It must be irritating having trained and prepared for it, then having to postpone the date. I suppose it does gives you another 3 months to train.

    Well good luck, and I'll let you know how I get on.

  13. No worries here just timetable prob’s in fitting it in with a busy TA schedule in the autumn; away 2 weeks in Sept and two weeks in Nov for CIC; With several weekends away in the meantime. So I’ve got to try an fit a couple of Battalion Visits in during the mean time. So busy time! Like I said good luck! Come Oct I’ll be effin evil at ex’es so I’ll just try an get the run time down.
  14. Good Luck on the POC - but I really wouldnt worry too much. The best advice that I can offer is simply to be yourself and be honest. I would be tempted to have a little Regimental history in your back pocket (not literally, but Arnhem and Op Corporate would spring to mind)!!

    All the best

    Dobbo :D