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Para POC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Wedgy, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. I've been considering my options for choices of regiments and the Parachute Regiment really appeals to me. I can see one has to pass an interview and then on sucessfull completion of that a Potential Officers Course however I cannot find any information on what the course actually involves.

    It doesn't take a brain surgen to realise that it'll be physically demanding, I've got my fitness squared away to RCB standards but to what level should I be working towards? I appreciate that it's a test of character and personality and I'm not expecting anyone to give away the surprise so to speak but any experiences or info would be gratefully appreciated as all I've heard so far is that it involves leadership tasks and a log run.
  2. 70 press ups
    80 sit ups
    1.5 in sub 9 minutes

    Say you are interested contact people their people, you'll get sent a lovely information pack :D

    Far too tiring by the sounds of it!
  3. Surely fitness has to be better than rcb standards for obvious reasons, considering this is the fitness standards that vets and tarts need to achieve. Off the top of my head ( am willing to be corrected 09:30 bpfa time)- remember officers have to be faster than every soldier, you can't lead from the back.
    Have a look at this if you've not already seen this p coy doc its years old but still informative.
  4. Try the para Insight course first to see what the deal is, deny all knowledge of intended officer entry to ensure an "easier ride" and get an idea of what you'll be up against.
  5. In my day (aah hah!), late 1970s, Para POC included a couple of days & nights "in the field" in the company of an "old salt" sergeant type and a couple of JNCOs. Nothing elaborate about it - very straightforward and matter of fact: all the obvious things (runs & "battle PT", a "tab" of about 5 miles, initiative & observation tests, a command task & short planning exercise etc) plus informal discussions etc. Stated openly that they were looking for "compatability" and "a bit of spark".

    In the debrief I was told that I'd done quite well partly because despite strong para connexions (which they knew about), I'd kept quiet, listened, and not tried to show "insider knowledge". They liked questions - as long as they were sensible/ genuine enquiries etc - and were keen on hearing your opinions. Basically, I'd advise you to be yourself, talk openly & honestly to everyone; take an interest in everyone; don't try to score points, and - above all - communicate intentions etc in a clear, forthright manner. Nothing mysterious really - just good, standard RCB stuff.

    They were not overly bothered re fitness - in fact, seemed slightly down on those who appeared a bit obsessive: "Yeah, great, you did 500 press-ups before breakfast, but then sat down to eat breakfast cooked by others!" sort of thing. In short, how you interacted with others/ what you contributed to the group was far more important than being a "PT hermit". Obviously, you had to perform adequately without whinging/ blowing your breakfast, but they certainly were not looking for supermen!

    We were sent over the "trainaisium" - you just have to determine that you're going to do it, and get on with it. You'll have to do the same sort of thing at Sandhurst anyway (potential para or not), so look on it as a bit of advanced preparation!

    All in all, an enjoyable experience. If reasonably fit and possessed of the right attitude, it won't be a problem. They're looking for potential - not the "finished item", so don't be intimidated by all the stories that do the rounds.

    Best wishes,

  6. Thanks for all the help so far, I have enquired but as yet haven't got an information pack just a letter confirming an interview.
  7. Do the Paras still do insight type visits for schoolboys? Do they, for instance, do thir own version of the 'look at life' programme?
  8. Sorry to hijack this thread a little, but it seems logical to continue this thread rather than start another along the same lines.

    I too aspire to be commissioned into the Parachute regiment, and have set out a timeline which if successful should see me enter RMA Sandhurst as part of the September 07 intake.

    My query is whether or not it is vital to gain sponsorship into Sandhurst with the above regiment or is it equally feasible to enter without a sponsor, then at the 22 week selection point, attempt P-coy. Obviously entering with a sponsor would be the preferred route for me, but I feel that at the moment, my fitness is not where it should be to show up on a potential officer’s course.
    My fitness routine is going well, and is structured so by the Sept 07 intake, it should be up to P-coy level, which I would just need to maintain then until the selection course. My main struggling point at the moment is running (fast), give me anything else to do and I can do it no problem but running 1.5m in 9:18s is something I will struggle to do for some time to come, but am working on it daily.
  9. Guys

    You need to understand the order in which this happens:

    RCB > RMAS > P Coy

    If you aspire to join the Parachute Regiment, good for you, but don't get hung up on the process. Lots of young men do ,particularly with the Paras and the RM, and as a result never even make it to RCB, beacuse they keep f@cking getting ready to get ready to go to POC.

    Passing PARA POC means sweet FA in the big scheme of things. The first objective is get to RMAS, whilst there, get sponsored for PARA, then get commissioned and afterwards pass P Coy.

    By all means get sponsored for PARA by RCB, but its not P Coy. Prepare as best as you can in the time available and get on with it.

    You'll learn a bit more about the regiment and what your applying for. In general, you'll get sponsorship if you've got the right attitude and they think you have the potential to be an Officer in the PARAs. (Note the order). You will not get sponsored just because you can do 100 press-ups. If you're a bit crap fitness wise, but show plenty of grit and are otherwise a get bet for RCB, you will probably get sponsored. But, it is not essential.

    If you do not get sponsored for RCBs by PARA, get sponsored by someone else. But get to RCB and pass and get yourself to RMAS.

    Once you get to RMAS you will have to reapply in anycase. The Parachute Regiment are pretty sensible and providing you're doing well at RMAS will generally offer sponsorship. You will not be rejected on the basis of your fitness performance at POC. What counts is how you're performing at RMAS.

    Big test is P-Coy. Up to that point all sponsorship is academic. You other pass on the basis of your leadership, grit, determination and fitness to levels expected of a regimental officer or you don't.

    Up to you. Get on with it or waste the opportunity by over-preparing.
  10. just something on fitness i've known guys to fall far short of the standards the 70/80/sub 9 mins an still pass where as those who pass that might not get sponsorship
  11. Hi Chaps. I have just found this thread and was hoping someone could answer a quick question.
    I note that it has been mentioned that the process for entry to PARA Reg is RCB-RMAS-P COY, however I have been an Army Sixth Form Scholar for a few years now and have recently passed Regular P COY whilst in the Reserves, and am due to complete my jumps course and go to RMAS (as a Regular OCdt) in September however when I enquired about sponsorship from the PARAs I was informed that I would have to attend their POC to assess whether I have the potential to pass P COY.
    Is attendance on the POC enitrely necessary, or does the fact that I have already passed P COY mean that I may be able to attain sponsorship without attending the POC?
  12. Im not sure you will get a sponsorship without doing POC as completing P Company has no bearing on your potential as an officer.
    That doesn't mean you can't put them down as your first choice regiment once you get to choose your options at RMAS. It would put you in good stead if you do go on POC and put in a good performance though as there is heavy competition for limited places.
  13. Are you sure you did the regular P Coy? We were offered the chance to do P Coy at our UOTC, but it is really only TA P Coy or just the Test weekend. Plus jumping out of planes isn't to happen until 2011.

  14. Oh yes it is, I wouldnt believe everything you read in the papers!!
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It could well have been. I know of one from London OTC who did regular all arms P Coy while at Uni. Please note that it did not guarantee him Para Regt though (which was where he wanted to go) and he ended up a gunner officer.