Discussion in 'Officers' started by the_real_para, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. I've recently been on a Para POC and was surprised at how easy it was. I thought it would be much harder but I guess I'm a lot fitter than I thought. Needless to say they noticed my potential and sponsored me! How did everyone else find it? :D
  2. Yeah it was an absolute piece of piss. I'd recommend looking up the meaning of 'recent' though...
  3. You think it was pi55 easy you should try for 49 Para selection if you get selected for it!
  4. Will prob breeze it judging by the other potential officers fitness level!
  5. Wah! What time you do your mile and half?
  6. Will prob breeze it judging by the other potential officers fitness level!

    Oh it's by default now is it? Don't think you would make the grade at 49 mate - no offence
  7. Hopefully you will come back to earth with a very large bang! :roll:
  8. i 2nd the WAH claim
  9. 7.40 mile and a half mate. I noticed you are sponsered too ftorres; welcome to the club!
  10. I think you'll find the 49 Para BFT is somewhat more 'testing'. I wish you luck.
  11. Hmm interesting as i believe the last POC to be run was in Feb of this year and there was no one in front of me when i finished the mile and half. Not suprising really seeing how you finshed a good 30 secs or so in front :roll:
  12. Lieing twat.
  13. Well, frankly, I've never been on one. But having somebody called "the_real_para" who hasn't passed AOSB, never mind P-company, taking on this audience makes me feel warm in my saggy REMF arrse that, regardless of regimental preferences, both Westbury and RMAS are entirely correct in the amount of weeding out they have to do.
  14. You're all just jealous that I smashed it and they were all in awe of me. Ftorres feel free to pm me if you want any fitness tips, I'd be happy to impart some of my wisdom and experience onto you.
  15. Yes, you're right! I've already noticed your potential from your post! :lol: