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Hi can anyone help. i got my info the other day and the fitness requirements are set out quite clearly. However there is a standard to reach in each test, ie sit-ups (80), press-ups (70) etc. But it says "as many as you can do in 2 minutes". Now do they want eg 70 pressups blasted out in one go then you can rest and do some more within 2 mins. Or is it just 70 or more in the alotted 2 mins? So you can do 35, rest a few seconds then another 35.

I need to know this because i have a shoulder injury from rugby and I can do 70 press ups in one go but afterwards its really painful. It doesnt hurt if i do 30 - 40 then rest and do another 30 - 40.

Ignore the pain :twisted:

Seriously though, maybe not a good idea to have an injusry when it comes to a test such as this. If there is no injury, just do as you are told and do as many as possible and dont tell the staff that "its really painful". Getting an injury through being macho is one thing but whinging about the pain is maybe not suitable for an applicant to such an august regiment 8O .
Sorry i didn't explain; My tests aren't till March so i'm just training for them at the moment. Like i said I can do over the 70 required in one go and on the day will do many as possible..but at the mo if i do that many it hurts a lot after and i cant do any more for a couple of days.

I was just wondering if they wanted the required number of repetitions for each exercise all at once or you can take a break whilst doing them within your 2 minutes.


Thank you for the advice.

The fact that you can "rest on your knees with your palms on the floor" is an incentive in itself not to rest at all!

Maximum effort will be expected at all times. Candidates thought to be "coasting" will not be looked upon favourably. The guy who struggles to achieve the minimum number of reps, but does it anyway, has what it takes. The man who knocks out the required minimum in half the allocated time, without breaking a sweat, and then rests with a smug grin on his face, will be shown the door.
To a certain extent, you will be expected to continue despite your injuries. Having said that, common sense prevails, and if you are going to do yourself a permanent injury, perhaps you are not ready.
Do the pressups,and then knock your opponent out in the milling.That will impress!!

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