Para POC- What to wear on arrival?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by i_love_ftorres, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. Evening Gents, a quick question if i may. I'm attending the Para POC in Feb, i have to arrive on the Mon evening via train, with it kicking off proper on the Tues morn. My question is how do i arrive Mon night? Surely i'm not expected to travel and turn up suited and booted? Or maybe i am?!?! Or do i have to go down the chino and sweater route? I imagine most of you are thinking this should be the least of my concerns compared to being able to do 100+ press ups in two mins (i'm struggling with 65+) :cry: , but we all know first impressions count!

    Thanks for taking the time to read.
  2. Suit, first impressions do last. Oh yea, all the best mucker.
  3. burbury tracksuit, baseball cap at jaunty angle and call everyone mate.
  4. Royal Marine Cdo T-shirt.
  5. Well i'm hoping it's not too cold as i was considering dusting off my mankini..Suit it is then. Cheers for the quick replies.
  6. Don't listen to butonsi3s mate, his trying to stitch you right up. If you wear a suit you'll be in danger of blending in with everybody else instead of standing out from the crowd.

    To score maximum BrucieBonus points your Dress Code should be as follows

    1 X set of Sand slappers (they’ll think your superdooper ally if you have Para cord for laces and blood stains on the toe caps.)

    1 x Grass stained jeans.

    1 x maroon t-shirt, with holes rips and tears.

    1x Green bomber jacket.

    Remember, image is everything and Alleyness saves lives. :wink:
  7. You should go down wearing CS95's, parachute wings and a maroon beret. You'll be sure to pass then.
  8. Suit you halfwit
  9. Not sure if you were going for the hyperbole when you said 100+ press ups... you are aware that the joining instructions state "60+ expected"?
    As for clothing, again joining instructions specify casual for the arrival on Monday night, no suits until after the physical assessments the next day.
    Hope that helps. See you there!
  10. Gents,

    I was on the POC in November. You are picked up in a minibus by 2 Recruiting Team junior ranks. You are taken to accomodation and advised to get a Domino's in (get the staff on the go too, they will get it cheaper!)

    You won't see assessors / officers until tomorrow morning. Casual is more than OK to arrive in. Out of 22 on my POC, only one turned up in suit, and got the piss ripped.

    PS, it says Casual on the programme.
  11. Oh that is sooooo Cpls’ Mess, Browning Bks, circa 1986….. Why not advise the crazy fool to also turn up with some peroxide leggy tart in Ron Hill’s and white stilettos driving a 3-seat push chair with ginger babies called ‘Kylie’, ‘Jason’ and ‘Michaela’ in it!
  12. Desi boots, jeans and a purple tank top.

    Maybe with a royal blue t-shirt underneath.
  13. man the feck up and brass out the suit, worst case you have less to carry around. If you are the future CGS i'm sure you'll squeeze through
  14. I would say it's more a 1989 thing with the names like that, and the leggy tart would have morningwear on... Reebok cross trainers. Stillettoes were afternoons iirc. The kids would also be clutching something with more e numbers than the Ministry of Sound, and have bogie trails through the grime on their miniature angry grids. Usually seen in Macaris cafe in town or The Colius Grill in Norf Camp.
  15. I'm going too. I'll be turning up in shirt, jumper, suit trousers (saves taking another pair) and shoes. I reckon that'll do!

    see you there, i'll be the one also not managing 100 press ups!