Para POC - Rubber soled boots.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by charlesp, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. This may sound like a completely ridiculous question but i just received my info from the Para POC and have been trying to get through to them on the phone all morning. It states I need some "rubber soled boots with a heel block". Would the sort of thing that I'm looking for be available from an army surplus shop or is there somewhere else somebody could recommend I purchase these boots from or is there any certain type I should be looking at?

    Also for anybody who has done the POC. What’s the 1.5 mile course like? flat? laps?

    Thank you.

  2. You need to get a pair of standard issue army boots. There are various sources but the old standby - although somewhat expensive - is, alias Silvermans. Where is the Para POC now? When I did P Coy at Aldershot the 1.5 mile course was flat but fast.
  3. thats sounds like a task and a half! rubber soles, fairly new fangled i assume! they want you to take issue boots....normal commando sole with a they can roast you round the assualt course...

    was on the course 3 years ago...good laugh...wads of toms and capts from the corps trying to transfer or head to RMAS. 1.5 mile...big loop of colchestet...good fast...get round in sub 9mins if you want a chance of getting the nod and be passively aggressive! (what the fcuk?) don't threaten to fill in the first tom you see but be active and up for it and be THE face in the crowd, not just A face!

    have fun....hat!
  4. When I did P Coy at Aldershot the 1.5 mile course was flat but fast.[/quote]

    P coy at the depot! was that the 1.5miler round the park a past the dakota?
  5. Don't remember if we went past the Dakota or not, but basically round the field out at the back.

    Not very nice.
  6. I'm affraid I'm not even a "hat". I'm a lowly civillian but I'm trying my best not to be for much longer. I'm hoping to get to Sandhurst for the May intake but thats in the hands of the gods, well I wouldn't go so far as to call the staff at Westbury gods because I'd probbaly get marked down for kissing bum, but you know what I mean.

  7. Rubber isn't what you want, a solid leather sole with heavy hobnails on it. Something like the drillboot, but with a lighter sole. This will give you a touch of finesse make you stand out (or fall over from) the crowd if you are running on tarmac/stone and indeed give a fantastic sense of achievement should you by some miracle complete the run.

    Alternatively, do buy some of these useless but very light modern "high leg trainer" type boots which will make the run easier but aren't ideal for tabbing with heavy weights.

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  8. Remember that if you fail the Para POC,the Sappers will not want you on theirs!
  9. am intrigued.. Why not?
  10. I think that at the time I saw several guys,rejected by The Parachute Regiment,there was a feeling that for the Sappers at least,the prospective candidate probably did not have either the nouse or '' get up and go'' attitude that The Corps was looking for.However,times change....
  11. It would be shame if it were still the case. [Sappers' requirement to uphold entry standards notwithstanding] I wouldn't agree that every potential RE officer needs to display the same qualities as a potential Para officer. For example, do all the current RE officers have the mental robustness to pass P-Coy?

    Smacks a little of "positioning" to me.
  12. Times change no doubt.In my time the Parachute Regimemt did not have
    the upmarket status it has today,amongst aspirants.The Sappers thought that someone turned down by them wads therefor unlikely to fit in with us.That was the view at the time.While there are clearly YOs in the Sappers who might not pass P Coy/AACDO course/Selection etc,there are many who do,currently.We need them as the Corps is to have a second regular Parachute Sqn(forming now at Ripon),and(maybe) an expanded Cdo Engr unit!
  13. What's the necessity for another Engr Para Bn?

    How often are they used?
  14. Well it's the Commandos who want a Commando Engineer Regiment.At present there's only one Sqn,allocated to them-59.However they did lose two men at Goose Green,which somewhat answers your question about 'what are they used for!''

    The second regular Paracute Sqn comes about as there is not enough parachute support for 16 Air Assault,for future operations.

    I've been in both units,and while we were always very busy on sapper tasks to support these formations,we were also used extensively in the infantry role,for which we are also trained and equipped.In general sappers are to be found at the front of the battlefield,in advance,and at the rear,when the main formation is running away(readjusting the line!).I know a number of sapper officers who have commanded infantry and armoured formations in war,inc myself.

    ''God was a Combat Engineer''(as were the early monks)
  15. CGS

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    As were most of the Roman Legion at one time or another...