Para POC...or not?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by UKUSUK, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. Hello all. I've searched for several hours (both this board and the internet in general) for the answers to these questions so I hope I'm not being redundant.

    1. What does the Para POC consist of? I know the 1.5 mile, the situps, and the pressups, but what else? Army/Para knowledge? Interviews? Planning? Presentations?

    2. I am no where near the fitness I would need to be in for P-coy. My pushups are around 50, situps 60, and run 10.45. I have a long way to go, but haven't been able to run for a while due to injuries. I'm sure that when I really get back into it I will make rapid improvements. Should I risk going to Para POC in such bad condition, or should I focus on getting in the best possible condition for RMAS (assuming I make it...) and try to get to P-Coy from there? Would going to POC in bad shape (bearing in mind I will improve from where I am now) hurt me more than not going at all?

    Thank you.
  2. It will take you minimum of 4 months from initial app through to main board so you have plenty of time to get your phys up to scratch. You need to sort out you residency issues as well which may give you extra time - make the enquiry and get the ball rolling and I'd plan on going for a POC before main board or at least before RMAS - that way even if you don't go you'll be in great shape when you rock up at RMAS and possibly able to go on a POC during Regi Visits in Juniors. I think however as they offer few places you should aim to get as much contact before RMAS so as I suggested, aim off for a POC before main board or RMAS and if you aren't up to fitness wait until you are at RMAS. Work hard!
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Going to POC at the level of fitness you are now would result in a fail, and you would not be recommended for service in Para Regt. There are many other applicants who would be taken above you because their fitness was not in doubt (all other aspects being equal).

    If you want to go Para Regt, get much fitter and then go for POC. Ask your careers officer and they will be able to get you the joining instructions for POC once you are fit enough to apply.
  4. Personally I would advise that you never go near the Para Reg for anything at all unless you are in top shape. They do not forget and they make no allowances for your sob story.
  5. Thank you, everyone, for your prompt and helpful replies.
  6. Can anyone shed any light on my first question, as to the format/contents of the POC?
  7. Wait a bit I'll dig out the programme.
  8. Don't get too involved in details. Just brace yourself for very serious and sustained beasting.
  9. Fitness is crucial but determination is as important. I'm pretty sure a log race comes into the equation, a planning conundrum, trainasium and other stuff. It was great fun and highly competitive. On my course, many moons ago 3 out of 30 were accepted for sponsorship. Get fitter and give 100% when you decide to go for POC.
  10. Probably a log race.... and various other physical activities!
  11. Monday 1800 Arrive

    1000 Brief - aims, intro to staff etc
    1030 PFT
    1230 Lunch
    1400 Gen Knowledge Test (45min)
    1500 Essay (60)
    1600 Self Intro Presentation (5min each)
    1700 Dinner

    0630 Breakfast / Admin
    0800 Individual Presentations
    0930 Assault Course - Single Best Effort. Group effort with burden
    1100 Leaderless Tasks
    1230 Lunch
    1400 Written Exercise (60)
    1530 Group Discussions
    1700 Dinner

    0630 Breakfast / Admin
    0745 6 Mile Run
    0945 Syndicate Planex (30), Planex presentation (30)
    1045 Syndicate Leader Interviews (20min each). Watch videos whilst waiting
    1230 Lunch
    1400 Plt Cdr Guest Speaker
    1600 Outdoor Cd Tasks - Leader Led.
    1900 Course Dinner (worth noting this one is in the Mess not cookhouse)

    0630 Breakfast / Admin
    0800 Log Race Warmup
    0830 Log Race Event
    1030 Final Interviews - OC to speak to sponsored candidates
    1200 Final Address
    1230 Dispersal

    0800 Wake up and wonder why your whole body canes.