Para Pay

Qualified in march this year and still havent seen my £4.13 a day extra or whatever it is. Everytime I enqire about it im told its the RAFs fault cos they haven't published the list or something. Anyoneknow how long this usually takes?
The tick sheets are all done the day you de-kit and collect your certificate at PCAU Brize. They are then sent to your units to admin. If your unit can not find the fax sent, give PCAU a bell and ask the staff there to help you, it will take 5 mins of your time.
Happy landings :wink:
Para pay is currently £4.63 a day. Even if your pay takes a while to come through you will receive back pay to the day you passed P Coy - regular that is . Not sure if the criteria is the same for TA.
Heard a rumour that P pay is to be scrubbed for 16 AA Bde, and instead to be given to whoever is on JRDF. 8O

Any truth?

Yeah, there was some rumour flowing around that wings were going to be removed from everyone but the LABG but it seems to be bollocks.
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