Para Pathfinders

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Alexhill, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Hey, im thinking of joining the paras shortly but while reading a magazine i read abit about pathfinders although hardly anything about training etc was said. Could anybody tell me abit more info about there training? thanks :lol:
  2. You going for 49 PARA? They're the best ones if you are interested in that sort of stuff.
  3. I think you'd better wait for that one. You cant enlist straight in, nor would you be good enough. See if you get in to Para Reg first.
  4. Pathfinder selection is now open to all I believe, but it is a tad difficult. Try Cdo or P Coy first and if you breeze these and want to try something difficult but don't fancy mincing around with black tape over your eyes then go for Pathfinder.

    The course makes P Company look easy, and is only for the very fittest (mentally and physically) and skilled of soldiers (or the utter loonies!).

    The reward? A nice long HALO and HAHO course (used to be in California) and plenty of trips to interesting places.
  5. Yes it did say about being in the paras first, i was just a little curious :cyclopsani:
  6. Bi-Curious? Try 3para mortars might be what you are after.
  7. If you want PF youre better off joining Para Regt first. Forget about PF for now as once in Para Regt you can find out all you need to know then. That's assuming you get into Para Regt first.
  8. LOL, Fallschirmjager - how true..... christ Pcoy and pre para was a killer would scare me off trying to be an ice cream van commander never mind trying for PF.

    Gluck ab
  9. Hi does anyone know if you have to do 3 years in the armed forces before you can go for pathfinder selection.
  10. No you don't. You just need the nod from your CO though unless you are an exceptionally good soldier he may fob you off saying you need more experience.
  11. Nope,if you show the same skills and drills as Casey Ryback you'll be in in no time...
  12. Or the average Ex RCT trog!!!! :wink:
  13. It's not that bad I passed!!!!
  14. I believe there was an article in Soldier magazine or some other simliar publication recently by an ex PF OC. He was explaining that only about 60% or so (possibly more, can't really remember...) of the PF were Paras, and that they drew from across the army. Neither he nor his successor were Paras.