Para or Commando ?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SiCiv, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guy's,
    Been lurking for a few days, just enquiring about the Commando element of the R.A. but have been told on good authority that the Airborne element deploy to more operationally active areas, I am ex T.A. medic and have been a cadet instructor for sometime but I am ready to dive in and hopefully go regular, so would appreciate a bit of a heads up on the correct route to take..Cheers from a Newbie !
  2. Wow. Someone's asking for it. Is this you, Simon?


    Look, why don't you get some serious advice about your future with HM Forces from someone who can talk to you face-to-face? I think you'd be better served going down that route than looking for it on this board. Honestly.
  3. Thanks for the unwanted underhand comments, with 2 years T.A. and numerous years of cadet experience I would consider myself a possible assett on op's ! I want to use my medical abilities and fieldcraft skills in a decent theatres of op's, I am no paintballer or airsofter (skirmisher! as some might say) I have however dedicated my life to teaching cadets and advancing my field skills which I am positive that I can convey on operations, I am not here for an argument or a p*sstake just some help in becoming a commando/para in a support role and making a difference..cheers in advance
  4. take yourself to the acio and see what they say, but for gods sake dont go in with the cadet instructor, ta etc chip on your shoulder
    go in as a normal person
  5. Aside from physical exertion and the odd beasting, my core skills are very much applicable, my section battle drills are uo to date, I am fully conversant in weapon handling, ect ect, why should i be ashamed of my previous experience ? I should declare IMHO
  6. Because you were a STAB scab lifter for 24 months.

    Do you think you are some sort of expert or just another fat useless walt?
  7. Got to be a wah.
  8. You're having a fackin larf arent you!!!!!!!!
  9. No not at all, I swim 5 miles a week, enjoy rough terrain and am pretty damn sure i can deal with traumatic wounds on op's after completion of training, this closed minded attitude of todays forces is hampering the aims of the multi national directives, we need people with applicable combat medical skills, and not just treating sickies with tic bites and hay fever in the Balkans !
  10. Flashy

    Good to see you haven't lost your delicate and yet whimsically ironic way of calling a spade a spade or indeed a c**t!!!


    as an ex member of 29 Commando regt RA and someone who in the last 5 years has had to go to the funerals of 7 fallen commando gunners killed on operations find your initial post a touch tactless and shows that you havent bothered doing your homework because if you had you would find that elements of the Commando Brigade have deployed on every operational tour since the Falklands.
  11. I was only looking for advice on the strenght of advice given, apologies given, what is a Meiktila ? (with respect)
  12. Haven't heard of Google?
  13. Christ, Flash! My ears are ringing.
  14. May I suggest you emigrate to the USA and join a Militia. They would surely appreciate your vast and obviously enormous skills.

    Joining the Army with you attitude would get you far. About 2 inches off the deck followed by a 6 foot fall onto cold hard concrete.

    I think the term is "Big headed Walting CUNT"