para or commando

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 7.62mm, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. hi going to join the army in about 8 weeks. but dont know who are the best.

    is it the paras.

    or commandos.
    please help me thanks.
  2. I think we might know your little brother.....
  3. oh ok who is my little brother as there is only me????????
  4. Best at what? Tying shoe-laces?
  5. no the best all round and who gets noticed.
  6. Army or Navy :evil:
  7. So, NOT the best at camouflage, then.

    You MUST be the elder brother - you're bigger than him.
  8. To join as a commando you have to join the Royal Marines. The army do it later. Can join army as a para though. Commando is by far the best (i'm in for it now) but not if you dont want to spend your time on exercise in the snow in norway.
  9. so if i join the army. i will be a para but will have to tranfer to the navy to be a commando. so at the end of the day who is the best an what one should i go for.
  10. army.
  11. To clarify, Commandos are Royal Marines, not Army. The Army does have Commando units, but you have to become a soldier first, then do additional training.
  12. Forgive my asking. But you said you were joining in eight weeks. So are you full of sh*t?
  13. OK. Who's running the book on the identity of the wind-up merchant behind this one?
  14. But army commandos are still commandos. To be a recruit as a commando though, its RM. If you join the army you have to do the all arms commando course later. Join the Royal Engineers. We need commandos.
  15. no they have asked me what do i want to do.