Para or Commando roles within certain jobs or trades

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by joshrichardson, Oct 10, 2010.

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  1. Is there a list I can access of available roles or trades in which soldiers work with the Parachute Regiment or Royal Marines? I know there are all sorts of roles in intelligence and artillery that work alongside these entities (Para/RM) but I'm not sure how many roles actually exist, if it's many or next to none.


    And sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm not sure where this has to go because of everything being reorganised.
  2. Why what do you want to do?
  3. Our of pure interest, I'm set on infantry.
  4. Well, why not join the Paras then??
  5. Because I'm not interested in joining the Paras, it's for research. Should have made this clearer in the first post.
  6. Yeah, it very much looked like you're joining another arm. Good luck with getting in anyway.
  7. if your not set on the Paras then why is your profile pic of one!? Thats a lad i know Scotty, B Coy 3para!? and i know that cos i was there when the pic was taken!
  8. Because it's a great picture! The research I'm doing is for personal interest only and I'm not set on an airbourne regiment at all - in fact, the regiment I'm looking to join is the local one of mine which is Mercian.

    If it bothers you that much I can change it! But in relation to the topic if there's no definitive list of Commando and Airbourne units within the British Army then this topic isn't needed. It's simply for research and I'm not interested in joining either the Royal Marines or Parachute Regiment.
  9. It dont bother me mate but it might bother blokes of your new regiment as it might show your not showing loyalty to them by having their pics up.
  10. and most trades/capbadges which are not RM/PARA can serve along side us as their role is to support the fighting arms. We got clerks in our unit,chefs,drivers which are not para trained and when on ex across the brigade all other capbadges generally support us