para or 7 para RHA ?????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pete84, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. hi,
    Iv just sat my barb test and i have my formal interview on the 12th jan. Im undecided on which to join, I like the sound of them both but slightly more the artillery, via the 7th para training. does anyone have any info or suggestions on what to do, Im 24 at the mo' but iv been stoped by med docs for 2 years. I feel that the RHA would be best for me, as this reg offers artillery work, patroling work and relax time when on operations while the paras are full patroling combat with little relax. thanks.
  2. go paras mate , and theyre not 7 para either!! and looking at your picture seems yove already decided!!

    p.s wouldnt have that as your picture until youve earnt it
  3. true...... its just that im not afraid of hights but im wouldnt say im a lover either. And i dont want to fail on the trainasium course in the pre para selection and waste time,
  4. there's only 1 regt - para regt! 7 RHA good lads but are parachutist not paratroopers!

    lol - to be trueful mate i see them at fob rob in 06 and they can call themselves what they like! airborne - but if you want it - go regt young man!
  5. are 7 para RHA still at buller barracks in aldershot
  6. Never at buller used to be at the North Camp Brks now at Colly.
  7. ah sorry, I think it was gale barracks i meant, if i remember rightly 27 transport reg where at buller barracks and 7 para RHA where at gale barracks
  8. that is true, i think my future is with the paratroopers, like the careers officers said the all arms course and para course is a watered down version and its nothing like passing the real thing. It doesnt make you as good as a para doing the course. looking forward to starting troop training.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    So he knows as little as you do then!

    Regular Para Regt recruits do P Coy as part of their recruit training. 7 Para RHA do the all arms course, along with all other trying for service in an airborne unit....and all Para Regt officers. There is a lot of banter about which way is harder, but the standards applied by the P Coy staff are the same.

    The Para course is combined - no watered down about it.

    If you want to be an airborne gunner, go for 7 Para RHA. If you want to be a member of the airborne infantry, go Para Regt.
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  10. Of course that's what the careers bloke said, he's a para. You still need to pass the same tests on the All Arms P-Coy.

    At the end of the day, do what your head is teling you. If you get bored of being Para Regt in a couple of years (Afghanistan will eventually wear you down) you can always transfer later (they always say that too! :D )
  11. best of luck with whatever you choose to do mate. think about your option carefully before you decide. remember though you can apply to do p company with whatever regiment you decide to join
  12. listen mucker - there is only 1 way to do it and be a 100% airborne warrior and thats to go through the factory from day 1. trust me pal 110%.
    no matter what they call themselves, there are only 3PARAbns everyone else is a airborne hat! i have some very good awesome mates in 9 sqn and 7 rha - and after a few beers trust me, i let them know.

    go for mate, keep your head down and drive on. thats all i can help you with - everything else you've gotta do yourself.

    hopefully 1 day your cross my path and get the brews on, you necky crow!!
  13. They were at Lille barracks, North Camp now occupied by the Coldstreams
  14. that is my future now, 110% para, like you said one is a parachutist and the other is a paratrooper. anyone can be a parachutist, not everyone can be a trooper. thanks for th advice and if i do cross your path il get you a beer or 4.
  15. Go Para - 7RHA are just affiliates