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Para Officers Mess Games Night

Door_Bundle_Mk2 said:
How about kidnapping a REME full screw then sexually assaulting him. Apparently thats in fashion right now.
Laughing my arrse off! It has to be better than any other mess do, go for a senior rank this time!


The Discipline Sgt or the RAOWO.......they're Maureens so they'll be up for getting their rusty bullet wound plugged. They might even wear a frock if you ask.
The full screw wouldn't of complained except he felt slighted because none of the ALLEGED offenders offered him a kiss after. All it would of taken was one sloppy smacker or even a quick reach around and once the good word got out there would have been techs of all ranks queing round the mess like there were tickets to a boyzone concert on sale.

Heed the warning for next time, a few manners and some mess etiquet goes a long way! :lol:

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