Para medic help please.

Need some abuse and if possible, some advice.

I left the mob in 04 and since leaving, I looked into training as a para medic.
The old route was via ambulance tech, so I applied every year since early 2005 to the Ambulance service.
I was turned down every time, due to better candidates, which pissed me off no end, but is a fair one I suppose.(god know how many people applied, but I suspect lots).
Now the the entry has recently changed to a two year uni course, so I looked into applying.
I was told from the outset, in order to be considered for the course, I would have to show applied learning in the last four years.
As I've been working full time (well till last November), I couldn't show this,.
I have been rejected by two universities for the 2010 courses and the 2011 courses.

Anyway I'm rambling. The abridged version of this is:

I've been applying since 05.
They have moved the goal posts, and skewed the course in favour of a young sector of society. A section of society that will have no problems showing time spent in full time education. I'm 41, and it'll hurt enough to take time off to attend this course, without taking more time to study further.(This is an ageist policy, a solicitor mate pointed this out),
Despite having medical training (RMA, worked as a medic in my unit, attended medical training in South Africa, at the same places the ambulance trusts send their people.)
I have spoken to people within the NHS and the Uni's involved, they hear my plight, sympathise, but ultimately claim they have their hands tied by the systems..., “that doesn't surprise me in the slightest...if it were up to me... that unfortunately is how the system works”.

I am at a loss at what to do next.
I'm now considering writing to the press, the PUS's and Ministers of the various departments this covers. (I'm going to wait till May 7th to do this).
Has anyone got any ideas, before I go down this road?
I'm stuck.
When it says applied learning that sounds like they are looking for relevant learning rather than learning within the education system (GCSE/A-level).

Could you not join St Johns for a bit and do their courses?

Or just take a short first aid course?

Or am I misunderstanding?
I have applied within the last month to St Johns, and am awaiting contact from them.
I've looked into the Rde Cross as well.
Don't forget RNLI or Police specials, I'm sure they must do some sort of first aid training.

You could always join the TA and request to take CMT 3 maybe?

All of these would probably be able to demonstrate applied learning.

It's better to play the game than try and fight the system IMO, even if you did get anywhere it may take years.
Sorry clipped that last one.
They want accredited courses from college or similar learning centres.
I've already been through my background with the Uni's and the trusts involved.
The people I spoke to (one of whom was the NHS subject matter expert at the Uni), said my background lent itself to the training, my age and military background,was by itself a good indicator that I would finish the course. She said it was sad, and the system was frankly sh!t. But their hands are tied by rules and legislation.
I've been applying for years already mate, I'm hoping that I won't have to jump through hoops that have been set up with 18 yr olds in mind.

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