Para-Med t1ts oot for the boys!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wHoSaIdThAt?, Aug 3, 2004.

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  1. Shut up little girl and stop bedding married men

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  2. Girl power! fight the nasty system

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  3. who cares, she could have got them all the way out though

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  1. The latest squadette to strip for the sun, better looking than the others maybe, but should she shut up for breaking the rules, both army and social, or should she milk the publicity for her future career as a slapper?,,5-2004352671,00.html
  2. So is she still in? :wink:

    If so-whooooppppssss!

    I wonder if Glasgow will post me to 16 CSMR? :twisted:
  3. All well and good but she hasn't really 'got 'em out' has she? :cry:

    Shame, - looks like a decent set of dugs on her.
  4. Evens she is out by the weekend.....
  5. Hmm, 16CSMR in Colchester. I might just have to go to town for a few drinks this weekend. :lol:
  6. If she so desparately wants to leave, then I wouldnt kick her out. Instead, allow her to sign off. Then make do the full twelve months, and deny her the privelage of resettlement. Why the feck should she be any different?

  7. Hmmm this true ladies?
  8. Must be true if was in the Sun. I can just imagine the young Marie Curie or Margaret Thatcher laying awake at night figuring out how to get their Baps out in "The Scum"... :roll:
  9. Stop! You're getting me all excited... 8O
  10. The 2 questions are:

    1) Where did she get hold of the entire allocation of link ammunition for the current training year to wrap round her bum?


    2) Why did MDN lend her his DPM knickers?

  11. Because I have hers on.

    She is a bit hard looking but after half a gallon of stella I'd chuck a mix up it
  12. MDN,

    Cait as your chick? Well Cait, what do you say about that then?????

    Personally I think your living on another planet :roll:
  13. Keep her in

    Get her on the next Army recruitment poster

    "You too could have a bird like this if you join the Army"

    It's a winner
  14. Especially if you are married :twisted:

    My Corps just gets better and better :roll:
  15. I think we can expect Cait's response shortly :twisted: