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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mc-123, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know what kind of results u need to get for the basic maths and english assessments (for the Paras) on the website it just says u need above average, would the recruiters be Lenient say if u got level 1 for maths and level 2 for english or is it compulsory that u get level 2 on both tests. sorry to change the subject but i really need to know the Answer! thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Is level 3 highest?
  3. I didn't think there was a level 3. I got one question wrong on the Numeracy test and got level 2. Unless, it's awarded for maximum marks.
  4. OH well it must be the lowest then haha, cause i got level 3 :D
  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Crap deleted.
  6. I didn't say a word.

    However, ROSCTE and Basic Skills should help.

    If anyone has a problem with this, please PM me. I'm not that bad really.
  7. The grades run Entry level 1,2,3 then Level 1,2,3. you only need entry level 2 for Para
  8. ahem, Entry Level 1 for Infantry ;)
  9. What do these tests involve?
  10. A basic literacy test run on a computer, and also a numercay one run in the same way, it is as it say's "Basic" and is something that anyone that has attended at least primary school should be able to pass :D

    There is nothing to worry about with it, and in fact its an assessment, however there is a minimum level which must be achieved and that is Entry level 1 for Infantry and Entry level 2 for all other.

    Again that does not suggest anything about the level of IQ or academic strength of an application as all recruits are supposed to be brought up to Level 1 standard by the time they reach their working unit.
  11. if a guy from the gambia who's first pair of boots is the ones issued to him can do it then im sure you should be alright pal
  12. Trust me if i can do them anyone can haha, didnt really know what to expect but easy peasy!!
  13. haha orite cheers.
  14. lol i got Level 2 for Maths and 1 for Literacy and passed for Para Regt. If you no your Plus's and Minuses your good to go i reckon
  15. Beg to differ, Entry level 2 Infantry only.