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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by aston, May 17, 2007.

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  1. hi ive been told there cancelling the jumps course could some one shed some light on it
  2. Not again

  3. Yes, It's true due to cut backs the MOD are trying to save on everything.

    But it's been agreed with most local fire stations you can go and slide down their poles!!!!!!! :twisted:
  4. apparently (and emphasis on the word) they havent completely cut em, only reduced the amount of BPCs they run due to the Hercs being in the Sandpits
  5. there are many facets within military parachuting while so i'd guess that parachute display teams would go first i was there in march an that was the jist of what we were told
  6. what have display teams got to do with military jumping , display teams are self funded and dont use C130s they use civvie aircraft for demos with the exception of RAF FALCONS who do use the hercs but the rest of the teams ie Freds , Tigers and so on dont
  7. Bollox.

    They haven't cut back on jumps courses at all - its all rumour and hearsay

    Edited to add: MOD, could we have this locked now as the subject has been beasted to death.
  8. Most fire poles are not alowed to be used now under health and saftey.
  9. Why do people keep blaming health and safety for this? It is nothing to do with H&S.

    The Fire Brigade had a look at P Coy and decided that it wasn't hard enough to allow the lads to use their poles. While they admitted that the course was fine for the stretcher carrying part of the job, and excellent should a replacement pole be needed at a fire station 8 miles from the depot, the soldiers simply were not robust enough to hold down two or three different jobs while claiming for a bad back.

    Most damagingly was the failure of Para recruits to understand the word 'Strike'. When told to strike they all started lathering each other instead of gathering round a nice BBQ outside the station and shouting the word 'Scab' at all and sundry (the also failed to find any mention of 'Socialist Worker' in the TAM.)
  10. This seems like a more serious thread
    On the parachute jumps can you pick the height you jump at ?
  11. Yes..I chose to jump at 109 ft. But my chute didnt open in time, so I died.

    When they said jumps have been cut, they didnt meant the training.

    I think they meant that brigade exercises have cut down on jumps, due to availabilty of the Hercs and costs. So its now helibedfords.

    This thread needs to die, its been done already...

  12. hahahahahahaha
    f*ck off!

  13. sorry armies had to post this as i think others should be able to see you great opening sentence on this quote above..good stuff,well funny...
  14. What's the deal with rocking up to Brize on the first day of a BPC as a travelling reserve?

    I've heard this used to be no problem but have PCAU become a little more organised/stricter? Any info greatly appreciated.
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The course is packed solid since the course numbers have reduced, and there is a formal reserve list.

    If you need to do the course, you will be loaded onto it. If you do not need to do the course, it is very, very unlikely that they will offer you a space just for the fun of it when the regular Bns (and TA) have people waiting.