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Para Intakes...

Not totally relevant but i thought id mention it.. my mate started on monday (well sunday) and the others are may the 4th and 31st i believe...so sounds as though you could end up going at any time (all CIC - para)
well thats a 3 month wait lol..not really that fast..all depends on Your grade at selection (A,B,C - i think ...thats how you performed) also on how many spaces of course! so it pretty unpredictable i wouldve thought
I havent heard of any intake in March, is there any or...? i just cant wait to get in and get started, not long until were getting beast white_rabbit haha
mentioned it already fluffer...but thanks for adding the rest of the grades i wasnt sure how many there were. :) as i wasnt planning on being under c lol...apparently my group was the first to use the system.

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