PARA insight weekend

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by azahpm, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone here done or going to the parachute regiment insight course? ive signed up for it for mid Dember and just waiting to hear back from them. Was just wondering if anyone new if you need to take anything specific and if anyone knows what the course actually involves.

  2. Had a right laugh when i went before but you will be working hard as well!!!

    Not going to say too much, you dont want to spoil the suprise now do ya?!! The weekend broke down like this:

    Friday - kit issue and bleep test

    Saturday - 1.5 mile run, strength tests, a few lessons in the classroom, assault course.

    Sunday - :D well youll love it anyway!!
  3. nice one mate, take it that means i wont have to take any kit with me then.
    oh i am looking forward to it, just been on the PARA website watching the video of p company, shit it looks hard but then i suppose the para's are. you in the regiment?
  4. no im still in the application process, its taking fcukin ages!! you wont need any kit just take 2 or 3 sets of trackies/shorts etc. and running shoes. might be an idea to practice the icebreaker a bit before you go , i didnt know we were going to do it until we got there and you feel a right cnut if you dont know what to say :)
  5. whats that? the ice breaker, is that where you have to say your name and where your from n shit, tell me about it, ive been told it could take up to six months, thats why im going for the weekend, more because i cant wait than to see what its like!
  6. yeah icebreaker was who you are, age, family, hometown, hobbies / interests, why you want to join the paras, ermmm cant think of anything else but it has to last 2/3 minutes.
  7. Log run
    it rele fun and you will love it
    also its probly the easyest thing here
  8. i done an insight early this year cant remember what month lol .
    but ive booked another one 14th-16th november
    ahhh the log run good fun i had a lil tumble on my one and nearly went down a hilll lool :D
  9. nice one lads youve all spoilt the suprise :evil:

    seriously though log race was good but also REALLY 5hit!!! i threw up after wed finished.

  10. my bad :D
  11. Are you takeing the piss?
    The Insight weekend is good mate you make good freinds and have a right laugh.
  12. Cheers mate, im looking forward to it wether its hard or not, end of the day its going to be nothing compared to the actual para training. been doing some reserch into it and looks like im letting myself in for a hard time but thats what i want, the sgt at my local AFCO is trying to push me towards our local regiment, anglian poachers, but i fancy a challenge and if i do manage to get through P COY you can bet my sweet ass im putting my name down for the good old SAS after my three years. Which reminds me, if i were to make it into 3 para or 2 para and went for SAS training, if i failed would i be RTUed back to the paras?
  13. Yes, you always get RTU to parent unit

  14. Cheers mate! cant wait for that insight weekend!
  15. You do more on the Sat than you do on selection apprently.Good luck to you anyway.