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Hi Guys,
Been browsing this forum for a few weeks now and this is my first post :D love the site

I just got my confirmation through this morning that i have been accepted onto the paras insight course starting on the 1st December for three days. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me about joining up ? I am 21 and currently working as a psychiatric nurse in a maximum secure unit and looking to hopefully specialise as a Regimental police officer in the Paras. So still have a long way to go and a lot of training to do to get in shape for basic training if i get accepted.

Also i know ill prob get the pi55 taken big time as im joining up to be a police officer and on top of that im from northern ireland (family practically disowning me for joining up ! :evil: )

Does anyone here have any experience of the Insight Course ?????

I near jumped through the roof just getting the letter for the insight course so wonder wat getting my wings will be like lol (heres hoping)

Thanks for any advice/tips :?



yeah when i first went to the recruitment office and i told them i was a nurse i think the guy wanted to send me off straight away ! haha he told me they were really short. Was thinking about that coz my only worry was that by joining the paras the course and training seems tougher and if i FAIL that then i am sent home. The other option i was looking at was joining up as a nurse or as a police officer and then later applying for p company etc. then if i failed i would just be sent back to the unit i applied from.

Feel free to correct me on any of the above its basically what ive presumed from looking through the army careers and para websites.
You're right in a way, but if you did fail para either in selection or training then you could re-apply or transfer respectively. You've gotta do what grips you but if you enjoy nursing I know what I'd do...


Hi there,

I did the PRIC ( yeah, good that!) about 6 years ago so the info I give is possibly a.) out of date. b.) a bit hazy. As far as I remember, the course consists of a few videos/presentations about what you can expect during training, in a unit, pay etc. You do some gym tests, a BFT (see other threads if unsure) and have a go at an assault course, including some high obstacles. The run is in standard phys kit, but the assault course was in lightweights, boots and helmet. Just dig out blind on all the events and you'll be right, i don't believe its a test as such. Although this absolute fookin spesh boy (I genuinely believe he had something wrong with him) kicked the arse out of the beers on the second night and pissed the bed. He was invited to leave. He may also have cried during the bft.

Hope this helps.


k, i think i can last the 48 hours without pissing the bed!!! hahaha

Nursing aint for me anymore (but then again maybe better in the forces, possibly go for medic) allways wanted to be a soldier and then maybe police officer, kinda fell into nursing coz my family working there , i work at a secure unit and spend some of my time working up at Broadmoor (im sure youve all heard of it) got a couple of ex Paras and SAS locked up there unfortunately and a few cases of PTSD at its worst. So i suppose i can say ive seen what the forces can do to some people and im still wanting to join.

So are you saying if i do my basic training but say fail on P Company that i could transfer to another regiment ?? :?

Also ive heard that the Paras are deploying for afghanistan in Feb of 2008 ne1 know of this and if i would be likely to be heading off ( if all goes well and im in basic at the beginning of next year) with them

Thanks Again Lads


War Hero
if i were you i would bcome a nurse in the army then work with 16AAB do p coy etc.


Hi Rory_85,

I was on the course last February, so I guess it wouldn't have changed much in 10 months. Pretty much exactly what rubber said, but just to add there is one or two command tasks on the first day, and on the second there is a log race which is definitely Character Building. It is a good 2 days, and you'll enjoy it!

edited to remove bone description of command tasks as you know what they are.


If you want to be a Copper in the Army then join the RMP and then maybe later do P Coy and then go Para Provo,all a Regimental Policemen is is a C*nt who grip's you for having long side'ies and dirty boot's,they usually come in the form of 22year L/Cpl's and Cpl's,can be found hanging around the Guard Room Bullying Crowe Riflemen or on Remidial PT every weekend with the Chef's...


Thanks for all the advice guys , one more question :? :D although joining up straight to the RMP is prob the best option rather than going for a regimental police officer with the paras i also have a conviction, i was banned from driving for one year (drink driving :x ) which ended in october. ... some recruiters have told me that once the ban is finished i can apply for RMP while others have said i will have to wait for 5 years till the conviction is spent and only option is Paras or any other infantry role.

Any ideas guys ?


If you want to be RMP I think you have to join as RMP and then you can probably get attachment to 16AAB.

As for your conviction Im not sure it will be the end of the world.

I did the insight course a few months ago. Was very good with a huge mix of guys there. Some were obviously serious about joining and some clearly had no idea!

If you are serious, go with a fairly decent level of fitness so you can put in decent BFT scores as these were the only thing actually recorded. Also, don't come off the log in the log race because i think that was recorded as well.


Thanks jmherrng

well ive got 10 days now to try and get a reasonable level of fitness and work on my times for the BFT, used to be a cross country runner but the last two years of boozing and smoking have well and truly fcuked that up! Packed in the smoking and gonna be killing myself in the gym and out on the road for the next few months !!

As for the conviction ill just have to see how it goes i guess..

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