para insight course 9th jan !!!!

Hello there iv book up and goin on the the para insight course 9th jan is anyone els goin on it?. I now know its fully book up so there must be a few on hear goin. How fit do i need to be goin into it. and what can i expect to be doin from friday to sunday in order if could. They say bring some money for drinks and if want to buy stuff there how much should i take?
Im going there this week so ill reply baack and tell you what its like and what u should take. If u look through this forum however there has been a few topics about this subject
You don't need much £, just some for some snacks and drinks on the sat night in the naffi (no alcohol), and even tho they say for para merchandise we didn't see any. As for the weekend's activities, well im guessing that you are fairly fit to begin with (you are looking at paras for a reason i assume?) Bleep test best effort firs night, second day 1.5m warmup 1.5m best effort, best effort pressups, sit ups, pull ups, jerry can walk, ice breaker some lessons, then the fun really begins on sunday, hah :twisted: Only one guy bailed in our group of 30 on the second day, but the majority of people didn't really cope very well with it. Luckily i did and am in the proses of joining (taking ages) but if your thinking seriously about the paras, in fact i say to ANYONE who's looking at the paras- get fit, get fit yesterday, how hard is a run every day, even every other day, take up a sport, rugby or football, tired of hearing all these people worrying about run times one second quicker than the allowed time, or worried about press-ups, its the army for gods sake, not only do you NEED the fitness but you also need to show some balls and get out there and get prepared. No excuse.

Forgot to mention assault course on sat and the command tasks.
ooo sounds exiting im going to do the insight course when i feel fit enough for it becuase i want to give 110% of my potential. how long do you think the joining process takes?
what did you actualy do on the 3rd day?


Hello rhos thanks for your advise. yeah my fitness is ok ,could be better tho iv started 2 run on the treadmill for 30 mins at 7mph 3 times a week and also do thai boxin 2 times a week and weights after def need to work on my cardio more tho not strongest point but ok at it . the treadmill starting to get bit easyer now so gona start running roads instead and park try to get in some hils to. Im also waitin to join the paras if not light gunner then put myself forward for para training because you can serve with them. Iv done my barb and docs medical just about to do my interview next week hopin to get in basic asap started the joinin proses oct . When did you start you said it taken ages.
3rd day we were up at 6, bedspace sorted and out to the woods for the log race, i threw up afterwards!!! but stayed on till the end, its all good fun though!! :twisted:
My application has been slow because of my complicated situation, i applied as an officer but failed main board, i have now decided to join as a soldier and so ive more or less had two applications in a row so its coming on 6 months since i first applied now, although my med docs were quick this time as i'd already done them. Got My interview tomorrow, my phys is ready so ive been told that i could get ADSC quite soon with cancelations and my dude in the office is spot on. The Log run is good for showing your mental strength, some of the guys who were like whippets on the 1.5 dropped out quick on the log, its not just fitness, i managed to stay to the end, only 4 of us were left on by the end so it was really hard, but we had a giant of a south african corporal behind us toward the end shouting 'theres potential paratroopers on this log' just gave you inspiration to get to the end!
Went on the insight course. You will love it. If you don't think you fit enough then they will tell you your weak points and tell you what you need to work on. Sunday morning was the worst i think because some idiot decided to tell our staff they wanted to do the log race again so we did it twice.

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