para insight course 4-6 july

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by parapricey, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. ive just been booked for the para insight course, and i just wanted to know what its like and if anyone else is going on the same date.

    And also will i be told after the 2 days if im ready for selection or isit just a weekend to see if u like it ?

  2. Exactly what it says on the tin :) Its for you to look at the Paras and you to look at them. Also it can be used for your recruiter to gather information about your fitness.
  3. Copied from another reply on this subject.

    Para Insight Course Weekend

    First night:

    Kit issued.
    Packed lunch given.
    Given rooms.
    Bleep test.


    Room Inspection.
    1.5 mile run.
    Sit ups and press ups best effort in 2 minutes.
    Jerry can carry.
    Heeves best effort.
    Couple of lessons about the army and parachute regiment, weapons systems etc.
    Back to accommodation to get into boots and coveralls.
    Para assault course, command tasks etc.
    Back to accommodation, shower.
    Naafi for chill out with the lads, game of pool, watch tv etc.

    Sunday Morning:

    5:30 am start.
    Into boots and coveralls.
    Room Inspection.
    Log race.
    Back to accommodation for shower, get changed, clean rooms etc.
  4. Sounds great, make sure your phys is good though.
  5. Even if your fitness isn't up to scratch, still go and don't worry about it. Just try your best and give your all, that is all you can do.

    My fitness was crap and still is, but it is improving. As long as you don't act like a twat and give it your best go, then you've got nothing to lose.

    It really helped me figure out where i stand fitness wise and also helped me discover exactly what i need to do before selection.

    Good luck, it's good fun and you'll enjoy it.
  6. thanks for the replies lads,

    my fitness is not to bad ive got a nice programme going


    wake up at 7.00am: 3 miles, then run 1.5 miles at around 8.00 pm ish untimed

    Every friday i time my 1.5 miles currently around 9.40 hopefully i wanna improve that but i am 6,4 and 190 lbs so it will be tough.
    And il add some HIIT during the week, a heavy weights session and a swimming session.

  7. I'm 5 11, 185lbs

    It won't be tough. Get to it youngster

    I did the insight the end of January (is it insight or POC? I assume insight but they have a POC about then hence I ask).

    I quite enjoyed it

    I'd start doing those HIIT sessions now, 2-3 a week
  8. Yea will start doing more HIIT during the week, but i gta do it on the bike though due to my shins being really sore all the time


  9. Try rowing if you have access to the gym.

    I would stay off my feet until the sore shins are better.
    Where abouts is the soreness (where the muscle and shin intersect on the side?) and when does it happen? ie if you are walking about is it ok and then starts into the run?
  10. the pain only starts when i run on CONCRETE/TARMAC it neva seems to hurt on the treadmill, when i walk its fine.

    The pain is just mainly on the front of my shin on my right leg about 25-30 cm below my knee.

    I know i should stop running but ive got my pre-para training assessment on the 10th of june (dnt actually know what the course is called and its not the insight for defo) so i need to do all the running i can.

    Also how many days rest should you take before an event such as selection ?
  11. Just make sure you rest for a couple of days before, to make sure your body has healed. You'll be 100% ready then.
  12. Sounds like shin splints or a variation.

    It will get worse you know. But some people say you can run through it.
    Look at getting some new runners, run on grass as much as possible, do some toe raises and calf raises off a step.
    STRETCH also

    You have it this coming tuesday?
    I would say have 2 days off before hand. I had a whole week off to recover when I did the poc and my times were terrible. When I did the insight I had 2 days off before hand (well, I did wedneday morning and then was assessed the friday night) and did much better.
  13. yea its this tuesday,

    yea il think il take two days off, no sex this weekend then i dnt wanna be shagged out lol
  14. My left shin was stinging abit doing training today. Maybe that's shin splints? Lucky i don't get them badly, i can tell how bad they'd be.
  15. Unless you row as a sport then don't use the rowing machine, would be my adivce. You actually have a fairly high chance of messing your back up as well as your shins. The cross trainer should do you some good though.