Para Insight Course - 27th March

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by signmeup, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Anyone loaded on this course?

    Also a quick question, it says you need civilian or military boots. A mate of mine in Afghan at the moment lent me some of his boots from the army. I think they're army issue though, reckon it's a bit cocky to rock up with these?

  2. Should be no probs mate,just tell them you stole them from yer mate who's a hat,they'll understand :wink:
  3. just don't rock up with a para tattoo - ala mike golden
  4. they provide boots. Your own will get fucked
  5. yeah i thinking of going to the paras insight course, it's not really long enough tho : /
    its only two days.

    is their any infantry insight courses that are 5 day residential on soon?