Para Insight 5-7th June

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by viking21, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Anyone on the Para Insight 5th to 7th of June?
  2. im not but i have been on one good laugh ull enjoy it :)
  3. Have you been on the new PRAC that is held at Catterick or the PARA Insight course held at Colchester?

    The new PARA PRAC that has literally only just been started this month and is now a mandatory part of selection for anyone passing ADSC for Para, is used to confirm whether or not an applicant is going to be able to meet the basic demands of Para training and is quite physical to say the least ;)
  4. mine is on the 24th - 26th of this month, so when i get back i can tell you what to expect if you want?
  5. nah i went to the one at colchester.

    im not going paras no more i ve changed regiment to royal anglians
  6. What was it like? I'm booked for July.
  7. The insight course at Colchester is not like the PRAC at Catterick, the PRAC is as already mentioned a test and is a mandatory part of Para selection now, if you fail it then you dont go Para, the insight course was purely to give just that, an insight to the Parachute Regiment and the sort of training you go through.

    All ACIO's and AFCO's now hold a detailed joining instruction that is issued to those that have passed ADSC for Para, if you ask nicely for a copy of it i am sure they will let you have one if you intend to go Para :)
  8. Yeh mate would be much appreciated!
  9. Can anyone who has recently been on PRAC confirm if these are the test that you must take?
    If so does anyone know what will happen if you fail?

    Parachute Regiment Aptitude Course (PRAC)
    Gym tests

    15 sit-ups on a bench angled at 45 degrees.
    10 dips on the parallel bar.
    10 underarm heaves to the bar.
    5 Mile Run
    3 miles squadded
    1 & half miles in best time
    Steeplechase Course
    2 circuits in no more than 12 minutes
  10. MC-123 you sound as if your always defeated, don't sign up until you know you are ready. Put the work in and you will succeed, going worried that your going to fail will certaily have a negative affect on you. Failure is not an option think positive and you will have every chance!
  11. yeah sure not a problem, are all para insight courses held at colchester?
  12. I think so thats were I'm off anyway, have you recieved the train warrant and the Para information pack through the post yet?, they say 2 weeks before they will send it out, if so whats in the pack?
  13. 2 weeks ago i recieved a pack from the paras which had a booklet about the paras, a dvd and a cd for the pc, and forms which you need to sign, i sent that off end of last week and today i have recieved my travel warrant.
  14. Again Para Insight courses are at Colchester, the PRAC is at Catterick and you get loaded onto a date by the Careers Offices within 12 weeks of passing ADSC for Para.

    The insight course will give you an idea of what to expect, they will also undoubtedley tell you that the rest of the Army is shite too, but just take that with a pinch of salt as they are known to talk shite a lot too :D ;)
  15. :D
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