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THE Civil Aviation Authority is investigating the death of a highly experienced local skydiver in Grahamstown at the weekend.
Glenn Coleman, 34, died in a freak parachuting accident at the EP Skydiving Club on Saturday. Coleman had chosen to do a solo skydive in order to execute a “high speed swoop landing”, said Mark Bellingan, national safety and training officer of the Parachute Association of South Africa.
Bellingan said that initial eyewitness accounts suggested Coleman’s parachute was “fully functional”. “But his approach turn was initiated too low and instead of swooping he impacted the ground at high speed.”
Coleman sustained multiple injuries and was airlifted to hospital. He died on Sunday morning as a result of his injuries. Bellingan will conduct a full investigation into the incident on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Coleman was a professional and experienced skydiver and a former member of the renowned British Red Devils, the British Parachute Regiment’s display team.
Tributes to Coleman poured in on his Facebook page, titled “In Memory of the Crazy Red Devil”. One person commented that “by far the most special jump I have ever done was unfortunately Glenn’s last”. - By ADRIENNE CARLISLE

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