Para HO/TO Palace Barracks 1993.

Due to the sheer professionalism of the system I am missing an Op deployment from my service history.
I’m looking for the date that 1 & 2 Para did a HO/TO of Palace Barracks in 1993. (I think it was June ish).
I was part of the ATO team that came in from the mainland and squatted about for a couple of weeks until we moved a permanent team into the workshops.
Thanks in advance

The official date was July for 1 PARA leaving, but for some reason that sounds a bit late - I was posted to 1 PARA before that in Montgomery lines, and as far as I could make out the whole battalion was there.
Maybe the official date is for the last sub-unit or individuals - int cells/CONCOS etc.
Thanks so far guys.

Anyone have a date for the COs change?

I can also remember an incident where a SUS was hit on the top of his helmet (old tin lid) during a beasting and sustained an injury. If that jogs anybody's memory date wise.


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