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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by spotrep, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. I think I already know the answer to this, but I'm after a definitive one from someone appropriately badged / qual'd...

    Has anyone in the UK Armed Forces (not attached to a foreign military) jumped into Iraq during TELIC? I'm thinking particularly TELIC 4.

    Clearly the answer will be within bounds of OPSEC, but I'm talking regular forces. I know this seems like an odd thing to ask, but I want to go firm on this before I out a f*cking massive Walt. It was all I could do not to spray beer when I heard him come out with it.

  2. Seen, many thanks - I read that thread before I posted, and although it's an excellent consensus of opinion, I'm after someone saying, "Yes, some blokes did jump in on TELIC X" or, "No, no-one has jumped in on TELIC".

    Thanks for your reply, anyway.
  3. to my knowledge (and apart from my hazy memory these days my knowledge is reasonably concise)

    there has only been one Formation which jumped into iraq. It was less operational than a demonstration of cock size. It occured in 2003 in the north.

    In Telic 4 there was no brit jump for the brits. (that is not to say there was not a septic jump for spicier reasons)
  4. Thanks very much.
  5. My bold - I took a handful of those from the pre-Herrick 8 service at 3 PARA in February as 'gifts' for some of the blokes who are out now! The Padre thought i was spreading the word but little did he know!
  6. There have been no regular, i.e. green, Army parachute insertions into Iraq. Not on TELIC 4, not on TELIC anything. I believe that British PARA exchange personnel may have dropped in with the US Army's 173rd Bde in Northern Iraq. however the odds of his being one out of two or three officers and SNCOs are slight. British SF were already deployed in that area in advance of the drop but there may have been others who dropped with the brigade but again, that would not have been PARA in any case.

    Ask him which battalion he was with and when he was there. 1 PARA and 3 PARA were on the first original TELIC op, and elements of 3 PARA were back with 12 Bde in 2004. Then 2 PARA did roulement tours with 20 Bde (2003) and 7 Bde (2005). TA PARA troops were with the DOBG in 2005-6. If he comes up with a diffetrent date/bn mix, then outwalt him forthwith.
  7. Herrick has had an ops jump aswell in 2002 in the south, guess who?
  8. My bold - and they were there in 2004 on Telic 3.
  9. 49 para?
  10. Shh! OPSEC...why do you think there are two exits from the back bar of the Ferret and Squirrel?

    Gluck ab...I am sorry, I did not mean to dis them - Cassino Company obviously won the PR battle!
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And Telic in 2003 with both 1 and 3 Para.
  12. Captain Jan won ours!
  13. Sadly only as a tactical preliminary to losing his...I mean hers...its?