Para Help: 13th Parachute Battalion on D-Day?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by DPM_Sheep, May 15, 2006.

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  1. Hi lads, I was wondering if anyone here could point me to some good sources dealing with the 6th airbourne 13th parachute Battalion.

    Recently, I was helping my mum with some paperwork when she showed me some of my grandfathers documents from WWII and was suprised to discover he really had been a paratrooper.

    See, I'd known for a long time that he'd been a pre-war regular with the Prince of Wales Volunteers (later South Lancashires) but from derisive things my gran had said I'd always assumed he'd never actually been near any fighting and put the few tales of para daring do he'd told me as a child down to tall tales designed to impress a young lad.

    Given all this, imagine my utter shock, suprise (and a touch of regret) to see the 13th Parachute battalion listed on his papers and later, a photo of a smocked-up, STEN totting warry bastard grinning back at me from some badly neglected photos.

    So I'd really love it if anyone can point me to some good websites or books that give a good account of the 13ths actions during the war. I know they were part of D-day, but most info I can find on the 6th airbourne deals with Pegasus bridge.

    Thank's for any help.
  2. 6 airborne web sites.

    Last November I met a 13 Para vet at the Pegasus Bridge Memorial Musuem. He was an officer in 13 Para and won an MC in the Ardennes as a company commander. He seemed very spritely and may have known your grandfather. Its worth getting in touch via the airborne forces association. I beleive this officer is one of the senior playerrs in this organisation. Unfortunately I can't recall his name.

    Some of the links from these sties have unit histories.
  3. 13 Parachute Battalion was formed from 2nd/4th Battalion South Lancs.

    If you havnt seen this yet try to get hold of,

    "Go To It" The Illustrated History of The 6th Airborne Division.

    Peter Harclerode

    ISBN 1-84067-136-X
  4. Try the Curator of the Airborne Forces Muesum - he should be able to point you in the right direction.
  5. A good book to have a read through is Arnhem 1944 by Martin Middlebrook.

    Edited to add- I know you specifically were interested in D-Day but this gives additional action.
  6. along with the above another good book detailing the whole of 6th Airborne Divs actions at Normandy is:

    Dropzone Normandy: The Story of the American and British Airborne Assault on D Day 1944

    Sir Napier Crookenden - Macmillan Pub Co (October 1976)

    ISBN: 0684145952

    The best two books as far as 13 Para Bn/6 Abn Div go in my opinion.
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    seven years to come up with an answer!
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  8. Give him a chance the book was only published this month.