Para helmets cant be worn

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Fallschirmjager, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. For the oncoming Op Herrick, kevlar para helmets cannot be worn as apparently they don't provide enough protection!!! At least i'll be safe in the knowledge that should i be shot by a AK round or blown up by a roadside IED that my trusty MK6 will save the day! :wink:
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    They must be the new, improved Afghan AK47 or IED. Obviously much better than the Iraqi ones, for which my AB lid was deemed quite sufficient!
  3. Get some bullet-proof scrim on it ... ?!

    ... we need the experience of Soldier_5 to answer this, is there anyone at Cardiff OTC who can get him out of bed early ? (as it's not 1600 yet and it is the weekend ...)
  4. I've inserted a Para helmet inner into my MK6. just involved a bit of drilling. Feels just like wearing a Para helmet but with an anvil attached to the top! Wonder what will be the next thing to go. Para smocks!
  5. Sidies ?!
  6. Have you got some for sale I had mine stolen a few years ago.......

    Fond memories of die hards putting two bits of rollmat around the ear area and changing the straps on P helmets to simulate Mk 6s.
  7. Health and Safety.

    The Mk 6 is tougher than the para lid.

    End of.
  8. Para helmet is to pretect your head from the dangers of parachuting. Mk6 is to protect your head on the battlefield. I remember field-firing as part of Para Log Bn and Para helmets were banned on the ranges then (91-94).
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I have to say I have never field fired in anything other than a Para helmet since training, and only worn Mk 6 for PO tasks. I guess it depends on the health and safety awareness in place at the time.
  10. 'Get some bullet-proof scrim on it ... ?!

    ... we need the experience of Soldier_5 to answer this, is there anyone at Cardiff OTC who can get him out of bed early ? (as it's not 1600 yet and it is the weekend ...) '

    explain yourself if you would be too kind.
  11. That's why they brought in the kevlar para helmet over the old fibre glass one as it is cleared for field firing! The difference in protection between MK6 and kevlar Para helmet is minimal. IMO the Army is getting a little too safety conscious. If protection was a matter of personal preference i wouldn't wear body armour or a helmet.

  12. Going off-thread for a moment:

    Although he's OTC he seems happy to give advice to regular soldiers on how to pack their kit, what's needed on Op Telic, etc.

    Might be wrong about him/her being Cardiff OTC, but you get my drift.

    If someone has made a decision about not wearing P-helmets, we really need to know what Schoolboy_5 thinks before we can deploy anybody ...
  13. But can you blame them given past accusations of ill-equipiing troops with personal protection (i.e. Sgt Roberts)?

    If someone were killed on Ops - whilst wearing a para helmet - and it were shown that a mk6 may have saved their life, the MoD would be in serious bovver...especially if there was shown to be no requirement for jumping out of planes!
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Point taken, but lots to consider, type of threat etc. The 2 multiples in Majar al Kabir were not wearing theirs initially, and it had no impact. That said, the Iraqis had no indirect fire weapons, other than RPG.

    On Barras, all wore body armour, and several of the casualties would have been a lot worse without it (wounds limited to arms, arse and legs, generally - clear of wounds on chest/abdomen).

    I guess that is why the commander has a duty of care to work out the threat, and attempt to put some measure of protection in place across the unit.

    Still disagree whith enforcing Mk 6 when the Kevlar para helmet is just as good, but I can see the sense in a helmet of some kind and body armour.
  15. Yes i agree with you Duke. On routine daily patrolling i'd rather bin the body armour but on specific Ops such as 'Barras' where the threat of enemy action was high then yes, I'd be inclined to wear it.