Para half blue half red?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MR2D2, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. If a para has half red half blue on his badge what does it mean? I assume something to do with having served with 1 para........
  2. More likely a Guardsman in the Guards Parachute Plt, part of 3 Para. You must have missed the the second blue bit, they wear the Guards backing beind a Para capbadge on a Maroon beret.

    Not sure if it is still done, but Para Recruits used to wear a green backing at Depot/Catterick.
  3. If it is a TRF, then:

    Half Blue/Half Red is RA.

    Blue/Red/Green is Depot/RHQ Para.

    If it sbehind his capbadge then see chocolate frog's post.
  4. Positive he never had a blue backing on his beret. And yes para recruits still use use green backing.
  5. That's that cleared, thank you.
  6. Depot was Maroon/Blue when I were a lad, has this changed?
  7. Was this half red/half blue behind his capbadge?

    Bright red nd blue or crimson?

    Could there be a HCR lad in the Guard's Plt? They used to be able to join it.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    DZ flash Depot para, Cambridge blue over maroon:

    DZ flash 7 Para RHA and TRF Royal Artillery, red over blue.

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  9. On the patch on his arm it was maroon or crimson diagonal across blue, or it could of been vice versa.
  10. Think it was the first one but positive it was diagonal separating the colours.
  11. Sorry, edited it to delete the Depot bit, and didn't!
  12. Are you Recce Plt by any chance?

    So, he was Para Regt (ie he had a Para Regt Capbadge, maroon beret, no backing) and had a DZ badge that maroon/crimson and blue seperated diagonally... are you sure he wasn't in MTP and it looked diagonal?
  13. No I'm not even in the army yet! I was at PRAC and one of the staff (no rank) had the proper maroon beret, wings and underneath where the wings are his badge was maroon over blue and I'm positive it was diagonal. And if i remember rightly he was in 3.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If his parent Battalion was 3 Para, but you saw him in Catterick with a blue and maroon flash then it would be the depot Para one I gave above.

    There is no diagonal one in those colours. Either his badge was on crooked or your eyes are.
  15. Depot DZ flash. PARA Regt dont have any diagonal flashes, some support arms do though.